Opinion on the netcode?


As soon as majority of people get the game, I’d like to know their opinion on it. Please post the console you use as well.


Playing the game on PS3 right now (Japanese copy) and the lag seems fine to me, it’s not very noticeable. However I’m getting zero luck finding anyone in ranked matches. I can only find people in player matches right now.


Watched bunch of streams. It doesn’t seem bad at all. There’s a few really dumb articles online citing Kubo’s bad experiences online with the 360 version which you can take with a grain of salt. It doesn’t mean much but hey, whatever gets you those pennies, right?


Unless there was a source on what Kubo said I wouldn’t take it seriously. The problem with Beast Note is that whoever runs that site almost never cites any sources, making most of the articles on the site hard to believe IMO.


That site and there’s another one that reported Ingrid as being a playable character at some point.



Atlus is looking into the Xbox lag.


Seems decent so far on ps3. I live in Singapore so when I match up against the japanese it’s usually 1 bar connections but those are very much playable. Feels like the BBCS:EX netcode really.


Good. So we get real confirmations and they’re already working to fix it up before NA release.


I’m pretty sure by the time the game releases in the states the lag issue will be fixed. Still getting it on the 360 since I didn’t get a duel purpose fight stick. I’m kinda glad now that the game released a few days earlier in Japan because of this.


Hi every1, so how is the netcode of this game for the ones that have it on ps3?


Been playing with Japanese players for the past few days and the netcode is pretty good. Reminds me of BBCT’s netcode and not CS’s (Thank God). Of course there’s some form of lag but it’s still playable.

But of course, make it a rule of thumb to play with people in your area for optimum netplay.


Anyone tried the 360 version’s netplay yet?


I also prefer CT netcode over CS, and if this game have that netcode i will definitely buy it, well when they patch it for the 360.


Custom searching for strong connections all day and I haven’t had slowdown in the middle of the matches. Though, it takes a bit to find an opponent with a good connection in custom ranked.


How’s the input lag? I read a scary post on Dustloop saying it was SNK netcode bad, but your post is encouraging.


Xbox lag makes it unplayable online sadly. Still had a ton of fun though. 3-0’ed a dp mashing narukami with an aigis. Here’s to the update!



its 2012, why the fuck is this shit still a problem??


Not familiar with SNK but the input lag wasn’t bad on some good connection matches, though there was a small delay for most but nothing that I haven’t experience with other fighting games online (using SFxT as a recent reference). I ran into a high connection match but had some slowdown a few minutes ago and it was annoying but not unplayable.


Someone on GameFAQs said that installing the game helps with the connection.


The 360 netplay is an issue with the actual 360 programming apparently, not the netcode itself (which is why installing might help with the problem), and it’s already been sorted out by ASW and a patch to fix it is in testing, or may have even been sent off to MS by now. Unfortunately, MS certification process means that either way we probably won’t see it for two to three weeks.

I spent most of the day testing the netplay. I think “unplayable” is a bit of an exaggeration. I had plenty of matches that felt like I was playing CS online again. But there were also plenty of bad ones. It’s pretty much a roll of the dice - sometimes you get a good match, sometimes you get a bad match, sometimes you get a match that suddenly becomes great after ten seconds, sometimes you get the opposite. And that’s all regardless of connection speed (since the issue isn’t part of the netcode itself). It definitely needs fixing, ASAP, and it can be frustrating, but you can find good matches. You just might have to be patient, which I don’t blame anyone for not want to have to do that.