Opinions on Capcom Unity


What is the general consensus on Capcom Unity?

A cesspool filled with SRK Rejects (hello Artyes), RE purists, and MM fans who are pushing to uncancel MML3.

Overall shitty forum with shitty people 3/10.




Fuck you, MML3 needs to happen. That aside my thoughts are, I don’t care.


This forum is 1000 times better.


What’s funny is that a lot of Capcom boards and fans absolutely hate this board. It’s because lots of people here are just horrible human beings. Sad but true.
shout outs to megaman fanboy cosplayers who you guys absolutely hate and couldn’t care about jwong.


Ive herd nothing but bad things about SRK thats why i didnt join until recently.


I remember the first person i met IRL from SRK was at the SF4 round 1 gamestop tourney near my place. I lurked the boards here and there.
Anyways, we were up and he turns to me and says proudly "im from the SRK boards, im pretty good. Ill try not to embarrass you"
I beat him 2-0. I made it to the final round at my store and he tried to give me advice on my opponent, i just nodded. I lost but still found it rather odd for someone show off that board pride.


Since this thread is basically a versus thread, before it gets locked, can you at least make the question more clear. Are we talking about pre-SF4 SRK or post-SF4 SRK?

Also Capcom Unity is an amazing site that I think everyone should leave SRK and go to.

Capcom boards are awesome. SRK does not hate them. You should go to them right now!


The suggestion box filled with “BRING BACK MML3”, news posts with comments filled with “not mml3 don’t care”, the video section filled with “ALADDIN IN MVC3”, the only DS fans are felicia and talbain furries and no actual players. I feel bad for d3v because it must be hard to moderate with a palm stuck to your face.

You say this is srk rejects? I’d think that would be giving them too much credit.


The reason we are so mean to 'em is because most of them don’t know how to navigate a forum for answers to their extremely common questions.
CU: How can I win a tourney in 5 days? I only play my 10yo brother and CPU. I play ryu, honda, hakan. Who should I improve with?
SRK: lol what? Good luck dude :rofl: post link to character forums
CU: So, who do I pick? o_O I’m pretty good. I can beat everyone in my house!
SRK: pick someone who you feel most comfortable with. You need to play offline with other people in your area Post link to regional MM
CU: So who do I pick? I don’t have a scene. I’m gonna play online.
SRK: :wasted: >:(