Opinions on gates


I was just wondering what are your opinions on gates for street fighter… Circle or Octagon gates?


You mean square? It’s preference. I chose square because of the dead zone space you have. A small area so it makes motions faster. On a Octagon, you really have to make the motions with your entire hand instead of just in the wrist sort of deal. But like I said, it’s all preference. You just have to try both to see which you like which is an easy swap out if you using a JLF.


the hrap 3 comes with the sqaure right?


Yes it does. And it’s best to swap out the hori stock buttons for sanwa types.


i hate circle gates you cant feel corners. square gates are the shit. never used octagonal gates…


do you know if the hrap 3 comes with the sanwa square gate?


yes… he already said it did. can you read?


square ftw


As you’ve been able to read, it is all preference. The square gate does require you to conquer a bit of a learningcurve but if you get past that you’ll probably love that.


I play octagon personally.


I personally advocate octagons… they’re not for everyone, but I find that since I play mainly on an octagon then start playing on a friends stick with a square gate, I tend to hit BACK + UP when I’m blocking because I can’t feel the spot where back would normally catch the shaft on an octagon.

I say get both, switch them out occasionally and figure out your play style.


Can you just take the gates off the Sanwa sticks?


For me, I feel the stick is looser with octagonal gates and I like the feel of hitting the corners with them too.


Here is the answer for EVERY single question about what gate you should use:

It’s what feels the best to you! That’s it, no magic. Just play on and how feels best. Hell, I’ve played Tekken on the sticks from an old Ms. Pacman machine before and it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Play on what you LIKE not what everyone else says. I’ve seen some killer fucking pad players at tournies in the past beast on any stick player that got close.


Would having a round Sanwa gate simulate the feeling of the Happ sticks that came in the original Street fighter II cabinets?


There must be gazillion threads on this topic…like the others said, it’s personal preference. I’m not used to the square gate that came with my 2 HRAP3’s so I switched them out with octagonal gates and was able to pull off moves a lot easier. Get one from lizardlick and just try it and see which one you like better, it’s not expensive, like $5 or something


I find ever since I got my Sanwa stick which I bought off someone which had a GT-Y octagonal restrictor plate installed and Sanwa buttons, It made it much harder for me to do zigzag Charge specials such as Guile’s Double Somersault kick or Chun Li’s Hazan Tenshou Kyaku.

I even had trouble with shortcut motions such as charge db, then roll the stick from df to ub (this works for me)

And this is coming primarily from a Pad player. Oddily enough I find it much easier to do inputs that require a precise input window such as Parries on 3rd Strike for example.

I could never parry all 5 hits on Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken in the Parry Training Mode in 3rd Strike before on a Pad, ever since I got a stick, I could pull it off almost every time.

I’ll concede the fact it took me some time to adjust from a pad to a stick, but once I figured out that groove that worked for me, I couldn’t believe how much I was execution I was losing when I used a pad that I gained with using a stick.


I prefer square. I main Balrog and it’s very important to keep charges. Using the square it’s super easy to keep charge.

I can’t keep charge worth shit on my octo gate. It’s just to weird going from DB to UB to DB to FD.


I grew up with the circle gates. All my local arcade in my hometown used the circle gates.

But when I moved to Australia, the local arcades uses octagonal gates. It’s quite easy to adapt from the circle gate to octagonal gate, so no hassle for me.


Square gates have been good to me so far. Charge moves are easy to pull off…you might have to practice a bit for shoryukens though