Opinions on SF 20 and SF Tribute Artbooks?


Hey guys,

I wanted some non-game SF merchandise and was thinking of getting an artbook since I dont have any.
I know the tribute book is mostly fan submissions and the 20 book is official stuff mostly, but which do you think is a better overall book with lots of variety?



I would go with SF 20.

Be careful with what you mean by ‘variety’ because I don’t think anyone needs to see SF characters as, stick figures, box people and a looot of simplistic art that’s in SF Tribute.

The great artwork that’s in SF Tribute makes up for it but there are quite a few pieces that shouldn’t be in there IMHO.

Also, Tribute doesn’t flow well. On one page you are looking at Rembrant, on the next you are looking at something, not Rembrant. Unless you’re an art director searching for talent or can seperate image to image it might give you a headache shifting from one style to another that fast.

To be fair it was Udon’s first Tribute book. They get a lot better at organizing and selecting artwork with Darkstalkers and Mega Man. Arguably with DS you can go dark and with MM you can go simplistic, futuristic, etc. easier than SF.

Of course if this is the kind of variety you are looking for go for it. Tribute is still great because there are a lot of people in the art field contributing. I just don’t feel it is put together as well as SF 20.

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By variety, I meant that here are some renditions of at least the whole cast, as opposed to just 200 pages of only shotos and chun.


Neither of the books have that many pages of shotos and Chun-Li, in that sense both have variety. Tribute oddly has a bunch of pages in a row just for Blanka. So that might be the better deal for you.

Maybe you should check Udon’s website for preview pages on both books, just look for it in the search engine.