Opinions on the wireless 360 mooglex joysticks?

hey all fellow sf fanatics… whats the opinions on this stick? im thinking about getting it since its wireless and they have a promo going on for it. from the review it seems ok comared to the TE one.



$129.00 + shipping. Not worth it.

The thing probably weighs next to nothing, button layouts wack, the parts are generic and it’s wireless which is a negative for me.

The sound wasn’t on the video when I watched it but I think I got the idea.

I guess you could do worse right now considering nobody has sticks. But the above post is correct. Maybe if you’re willing to spend that and know you’ll upgrade it later.

$129!!! For that!?!? Where do I sign up? Man I could get an HRAP Ex for that much. Only selling point is the wireless capabilities, it doesn’t look like it would be mod friendly.

I found out the hard way (Bought a Chinese stick on eBay because of lack of sticks on the market available) Now I’m down $116.00, have to wait for a refund and still stickless…

Just buy a custom made one from one of the trusted builders here or buy a Madcatz or Hori product. Don’t bother with these knock off joysticks that have popped up on the market due to the shortage.

thanks for the input, but my main concern is wires!.. my xbox is about 15 feet from where i sit. i hate wired controllers. it reminds me of the snes days where people at home kept trippin over the plug… the cashback seems tempting, so dont know will have to see if this is gonna be an impulse buy or not since nothing else is in the market like this. cant be tat bad right? will have to see… someone buy it first… lolz

Isn’t that just this stick:

with new art and a much higher price tag?

The seller probably bought an even cheaper version of that joystick (The one with the Samurai Showdown and KOF art on it or something) all he did was probably just change the PCB to a wireless PCB and the art.

Yeah, everybody loves a knockoff of the old Hori Soul Calibur II sticks :rofl:

$200 is steep (don’t know where you guys are getting $130, it says $200 on their website!). You’re probably better off just getting a Hori EX2 or a Madcatz SE.

thanks for the info… seems like animehead from that thread tested out the stick but it was made for ps2 and ps1. seems like he’s happy with the response and all… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=6387393&postcount=11

im desperate for a wireless stick… i cant take using the stupid analog anymore… i think the $150 price tag with the cashback is reasonable having that its wireless and has all the buttons. if anything imma just buy it with my amex and make use of the double manufacturer warranty thing if anything happens after 90 days. :looney: :looney: playing with the xbox controller is a piece of crap… i dont get why madcatz didnt make a wireless joystick in the first place.