Opinions on this converter (PSX to NGC/XBOX)

With the coming of TvC on Wii, i figured i’d get a decent psx to ngc converter to play it, so i found this online:


And i would like to know opinions or something, if it’s any good or if it lags, etc.

here this one works just fine no lag or anything I used this one. The information is found the converter thread if you wanna know something about a converter post it in that thread. but here Gamecube : Cube Joybox Pro - $7.90 + shipping
Pros : Works with Sony PCBs, works on Wii
Cons : Works well ONLY with Sony PCBs

and also here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=132493

Can it work with Digital Pads like the PS2 Saturn Pad