Opinions on "unknown" joystick

Came across this stick recently:

Here are the marketing points:

There’s a company in Quebec selling 'em for $42.95 + taxes & shipping, think it’s worth a gamble?

i really like the look of that to be honest… if its ps2, there’s a chance it’ll work with the various converters out there. honestly if it turns out to be a bit of a bust, you could still probably re-sell the case and make at least half of the investment back.

I love how the forum formatting is so messed up that your quote box completely covers the picture.

It makes the stick EVEN MORE unknown.

Edit: viewed source on the photo

Is it really a wooden box? 40 bucks is worth it for that alone almost.

  • reviews return policies carefully *

if it’s via usb it’ll probably work with the ps3 as well
my friend’s logitech pc gamepads work with that shit

Alright I’m taking the plunge on this one. Hope to have it by Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll be sure to post all the juicy details when it arrives!

At the very least the Box looks great. Even if the parts are Sub par, you could always replace them with some genuine Happ stuff.

The button layout is mad hack.

A link to this would be nice aswell

Good point!


So “Generic PS2/PC-USB Arcade Stick” is on it’s way, got the tracking number yesterday … hopefully will arrive tomorrow, gotta make sure my camera battery is charged, unboxing is going to be epic

Alright, created a new thread with all the info: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=230312

I guess this thread can be locked, not needed now.