Opinions regarding wake-up supers

What do you guys think about doing supers on wake-up? Around good players, I usually tend to hear that it’s a scrubby thing to do, but even good, experienced players (FFA players) tend to fall prey to a wake-up super once in a whileespecially since a lot of supers (like Corkscrew Blow or Hammer Frenzy; one of the best Hugo players I’ve ever seen wakes up with Hammer Frenzy and hits people with it all the time) will blow through the other guy’s wake-up attacks/mix-ups.

Personally, I don’t really do them, but I have caught people with them before.

It’s all a guessing game…sometimes things are SO stupid that they become effective…perhaps you “trained” a Ken player that you always block on wakeup and he always try to do some meaty shit…hell yea, wakeup super that ass :tup:

dont do a wake-up super coz you’re a scrub if it hits?

wakeup supers is the BEST thing to do on wakeup, slightly even better than just blocking (although nowhere near as safe). It beats practically everything… although varies with the super of course.

For this reason, it has become very predictable against top players, so don’t abuse it much or it’ll get blocked or parried.
Or jumped, if the super doesn’t have any vertical range.

The simplest guessing game I can think is mix up wakeup super with a block (or anti air move if appropriate)… then expand from there.

ramza34 has the idea… basically he means wakeup super is so predictable that most ppl think you aren’t stupid enough to do it. Then when the opp thinks you will mostly stay safe with blocking and try to attack you meaty… then wakeup super will work :slight_smile:

I can understand why Hammer Frenzy works a lot, people just DON’T wanna get grabbed by Hugo 360, too much damage!!

Fuck you all. Activating Genei Jin on wakeup owns you. :tup:

Well, it depends on the super you are using and what your opponent is doing. I whip out SAI on wake up and it hits more often than not. I tend to only do it when I see they are going to attack though. Have to have decent reaction time.

^^Does Genei Jin have any invincibility frames? I’ve seen Yun get crouch mk>Shippu’d like 3X like that…

BIG note to NOOBS…don’t EVER wakeup super with Akuma and Ryu SA1…I’ve been crouch shortX2>SA out of it more than I want to remember when I first started…

Yes, two or three invulnerability frames on Genei Jin. Enough to pass through a throw and that’s about it. Shoto low forward has too many active frames to pass through entirely.

It’s on. the wake-up super revolution.

OR you could make really obvious super motions, then throw. :wink:

Woo, mind games! It’s all about the fake super. Smack the cabinet after your ‘super motion’ to complete the illusion.

Hmm, though I’m not really one to talk. Too conservative on wakeup I be, and that gets predictable too.

I forgot to say that wakeup Blue Nocturne > Dudley. :tup:

I do wake up supers on reaction :wow: .

Actually I tend to buffer the motion as my character is getting up and if I see that they are going into a move I tap the button and own that shit. All depends on what your opponent is doing but this works sometimes if they are trying to hit you with a meaty right as you get up becasue you have time to react.

corkscrew owns alex puahaha

the scubbiest thing you can do in 3s is wake up guess parry

wake up supers are on the same tier as throw whiff low parry bait

god fucking tier

makotos SA I is actually a crappy wake up super. i actually tried it on a alex player cause i thought he was gonna do a command grab but he did a meaty and actually snuffed it before the super came out. it said reversal and my meter went to 0. it does help to do a wake up super if you know the opponent is gonna try a command grab on wake up ei. hugo, Q, chun (kara shit), alex or mak (kara kara)

Uh… are u sure? Makoto SA1 should beat meatys outright.

you do a meaty right and it beats out everything meaty palm > me when i decide to play like ken and do wake up super

:cool: :cool: :cool: