Opponent gets too low when romming

the answer is probably deep within one of the older threads but i tried searching but it didnt work and i’m lazy.

anyways is there anything i can do if i’m ROMing and the opponent gets too low. can i just do one rep of the normal jump infinite and go back into the rom.

do i just have to speed up one rep, should i add punches or pretend its sentinel and do like a full magic series and then ad/df lk lk ?

you’ve answered your own question. you could also just reset

If its against sentinel you can do this : sj. lk, sj.mk, addf,down+lk, mp, mk… or 1 ROM followed by a Normal Jump Infinite as you say… It works against jugg, Blackheart and hulk too.
If its against medium/small characters, you can try to not pause after the first lk after air dash - Set up, sj. lk, sj.lk, addf, down + lk, no pause, lk…

k thanks, those stuff work. i find also if i do a ROM rep ending with an mp as in

lk mk ad/df lk mp. it keeps the opponent up. thanks for ur input.

if opponent is getting to low when you rom come down with lk lp lk

to keep the opponent from ever coming to that height rom like this: lp lk lp ad/df lk lk

to lower the opponent if they get too high do sj.lp, ad/df lk lk

My only problem with the ROM is that my sj. doesn’t come out after the first or second rep. Does this happen to anyone else?

try to place the stick to neutral once you input the mk when going down. by then u can input a perfect down-up/uf/ub motion.

Pause a tiny bit when you land.

dont’ hold down.