Opponent plug pulling giving me incomplete percentage?


It says I have 6 incomplete games when I know for a fact that I don’t.
Not talking about when they exit, but when they literally disconnect their internet.


Yes, it’s gay, it’s lame, it’s fucking bullshit.

There’s no way to detect who pulled the plug, so it punishes both.


it happens, and there isn’t a lot you can do. I guess the best you can do is watch out for people with red names; that means they like to pull the plug like that. there’s someone on xbl with something like 100 wins and 2 losses, but have somewhere in the realm of 250-ish incomplete games 'cause they’re that bad of a sport. luckily, their name shows up in red so everybody knows how much of a crybaby they are.

as long as you don’t have a retardedly high ratio of incomplete games like said crybaby, don’t worry about it.


Bah, I’ve already had people kick me for having incompletes. Shit is annoying.


I have a red name. I just got used to it.

It’s a recipe for disaster, really. Especially if you play an annoying character. People tend to give up if you stop Ice Car or whatever they try to do several times.


I got 15 incomplete games because people dropped on me. It is so annoying seeing that number on my card. I don’t quit in any game period. So this system aggravates me more than most.


specifically what is the requirement for red name? It better not be some bs like 5% or more. at LEAST 15% or 20%.


The best you can hope for in a situation like this is to continue playing legitimate games. Find some friends and play player matches against folks you know won’t drop on you. If you’ve not played many games and have gotten unlucky with opponents dropping on you, you may have a red name for a while, but it’s nothing that can’t be remedied with some more games.

I still am a fan of the system, because those people who are bad / lame enough to make a habit of ragequitting will eventually be the only ones with red names.


Miraculously, I have almost 700 games played (600 in ranked) and only 6 incompletes. Maybe I’m just getting lucky :looney:


jeebus that’s a lot of games…


I got 30 and only one of them was my fault (and i even bothered to say sorry to the guy i was playing against)
Fuck it i don’t even remember other ppl droppin on me that much something is fucked up there


Oooh so red name is like a “high risk” to play against? I saw one yesterday and just thought he was way higher level than me and it was giving me a warning, he lost without dropping though…weird.

I think I have around 12 incompletes, but I don’t know my total number of games played; also doesn’t BB reset this data monthly or something?


No, the data is not reset monthly. That shit stacks. Everyday I play at least 3 or 4 more people drop on me continually increasing my ratio.


I’ve had 5 or 6, out of around 200 games. I can live with it. At least they have some kind of system in place for droppers. I wouldn’t worry too much about a few dropped games, almost everyone I play in ranked has a few.


The system isn’t perfect, but I’m glad that they at least tried to tackle the ragequit/dc problem. As long as the amount of disconnects that you have is a small percentage of the amount of games you’ve played in total I don’t think very many people would mind playing you. However, if you’ve played 500 games with 250 or more of those being incomplete, that most likely shows that you either ragequit, you have a terrible internet connection, or you’re a complete ass to people when you play.


I have found more disconnects here than SF4…the one thing that really bothers me is that the last few disconnects i had were people pulling the plug IN THE FIRST ROUND because I came back from their spam and was about to win the FIRST ROUND. These people don’t even want to risk losing a round???


Well they might have just kicked you based on your character selection, lvl, or delay.


One of the few flaws in BB’s online. The other flaw is player matches.


Dispite the system being so flawed I run into alot less whiners who ragequit in BB than I ever did in SF4.

God forbid a controller user that can still rape with the gief without lariat spamming :annoy:


There are people who have dropped me specifically because I have incomplete games. I know, I asked them. The funny thing is, most of them have them as well.

Its silly that people think they are above playing against someone with an incomplete game. You never know if its there fault or not, unless its obvious (like the guy mentioned earlier).

I have been kicked because of my character selection as well.

Otherwise, people dropping on me has fallen off to none. I think I have like 6 that have dropped, most of them were within the first 3 days.