Opponent talking while your playing, is this fair?


I was playing an online match. I was playing Tekken 6 in room and I had this mirror match with another Jin. The thing is the guy thinks I wasn’t a good Jin, so he “talked” about how bad I was and all that stuff. I didn’t care what the guy was saying, I just wanted to mute him but you can’t do that in T6. Then he starts talking about stuff based on whats happening in the match, and he taunts(taunting on the MIC) and convinces me to go on the offensive. I got really irritated and distracted by this guy, of course I end up losing.

Does this ever happen in a tournament? I think the crowd chanting and roaring is a common distraction that often happens in tournament, but it’s something that can be overcome. But when YOUR opponent is talking DIRECTLY at you, its more easy for you to get distracting. Especially when its YOUR opponent. I don’t think your opponent should be allowed to talk while the game is in motion.


It’s a legit tactic, when i used to play MTG in tournaments some people were constantly talking shit while playing. It got some guys to do stupid mistakes and lose because of them. If you have balls to do it, why not? If you shatter your opponents confidence, your win becomes easier.


This falls into a similar category where commentators talk about the people playing. They are blocked out at EVO fortunately, I doubt its a legit tactic everywhere.

EDIT: I know people would talk shit before or after a match. But when the match is in MOTION is what I’m talking about.


Not sure if T6 allows custom music, but on the PS3 you can raise the volume of your custom music independently of the game volume, which even on medium volume seems to drown out player mic in SSF4.


Talking is okay, but not convos…I like telling people “I’d stop that if I were you” in a taunting voice when they’re doing something REALLY obvious that I’m about to punish or start punishing if they keep it up (I let people get away with stuff a couple times so they get in the habit of doing it and think it’s safe, then I start raping subsequent attempts). They do it again, I go “Okay.” in a careless “Oh, well” kinda tone, and punish/counter. If an occasional comment fucks you up then your game was garbage to begin with. I DO like to hear whining and bitching from my opponent cuz…well, that shit’s funny, hearing them spaz out cuz you’re beasting. Now if some ass is basically trying to force you to hold a conversation with him while you play…yeah, stfu. Makes me wonder why people want cross-game chat. All that shit does is distract you and ruin your game cuz you have to focus on something irrelevant to what you’re doing.


Or you could just disconnect the mic?


It was heard from my TV speakers, come to think of it I coulda just hook up my mic and just set the mic down on the floor. But in real life it can be a problem.


LOL That shit doesn’t faze me. IDK why but I’ve always thought that talking to your opponent during a match is a very bad idea. IMO it gives your opponent an idea of your state of mind mid-match and is like giving them a way to read your mind and intentions. Playing shoulder-to-shoulder, like in the arcades, even the button presses and body language that is visible in the peripheral vision is a big communicator and can aid me in figuring out my opponent. Even if I’m losing, and my opponent is full of confidence and trash talking, it’s a big help if they talk. Even playing online, trash talking is a big giveaway to me. I usually destroy people that like chatting mid match, IDK why but it’s always been this way for me. If my opponent is silent and keeps noise to a minimum, this makes it much more difficult for me to read their game. This is why I perform much better in person than online.


Ya it can be negative are positive. Here is a example I came up with…

Lets say your opponent says “Yo dude, I’m gonna grab yo ass alright?” and lets say this was a tournament.

You start thinking in your head “is he really going to do it? or is he bluffing”.

Then he walks up to you and does something completely different.

That shit is just unfair.


^ new age of heroes


No it isn’t. Seriously, just get over it.

I shit-talk people actively in TF2 “all-talk” servers and it straight-up helps. People can disregard it in the same way they can disregard any other feint.


I’ll talk during matches but never really say anything bad unless it’s casuals, then I’ll rip into people if they are playing bad lol


How is this unfair, again? If anything, the other player (I don’t have a mic) is talking mad shit during the match usually motivates me to beat them down even more. Nothing better than hearing a nigga that’s mad salty once you start beating his ass.

But yeah, the tactic is legit, and has been done since the beginning of time. All they used to do in the Arcade back then was talk mad shit–especially when Marvel 2 came out.


I think it’s fine as long as they’re not screaming in your ears. Shit talking just goes along with gaming. Whether it’s Puzzle Bobble, CS, Mario Kart or Street Fighter…


Oh shit these scrubs cry about anything now. Shit talking is part of the game. If you can’t handle it, go back to mom’s house where it’s safe.


Well, it’s their freedom to do so. It does distract me lots where I just go elsewhere when it happens, because I’m disgusted by that person. I’ve always preferred peace and quiet. In the arcade I go to every once in a while, there really isn’t that kind of talk there.


Opponent not showering, is this fair?


Its not the trash talk that gets to me in the arcades, its the foul breath and bad odor some people have, I mean you really gotta learn to hold your breath or get a gas mask to play against some people. This one guy I played against in cvs2 who, talked shit but smelt like onion peels that have been in the garbage for weeks, and like onions his stink made my eyes and back of my throat burn, plus he was one of those people whose hands sweats a lot so he left the two-player side buttons wet and mucky.

As for dealing with trash talking in general, can just learn to ignore it so it doesn’t get to you, lower the volume on the tv or maybe listen to music on some headphones.


dressing up as a tranny and smelling like shit before you go to your tournament now whoever plays you will have an unfair match up you are just simply broken yo


Yeah, that’s cheating, then. Bad odor would likely affect me more than Turbo, even.