Opponents falling out of Happy Birthday LV3

I’m sure many of you have experienced the situation of landing a Happy Birthday on your opponent+assist, only to have them fall out; occasionally, even one character by themselves will simply fall out. For a move with huge hitboxes that also hits OTG, I am puzzled as to why this happens.

Has anyone else figured out the cause of this? I’m at a point where I pretty much presume that they will fall out and try to prepare for a followup that will snare both characters for a kill combo.

I was always under the impression that it happens when both main character and assist are hit by the same hit bubbles.

once they get 5 hits each, the game, for some reason, processes that as 10 hits and makes every other hit bubble useless, thus making the characters fall out of your super.

most of the time, when assist and point character are far from each other, they both eat the whole super.
it’s quite weird, really.

Seems like the game doesn’t understand that that particular hit bubble is hitting 2 characters, but sees the super has already hit 10 times, so it should stop.

Glad you posted this because it happens to me numerous times! Yesterday even, I caught a character and the assist in LVL 3 x-factor and I level 3’d and NEITHER of them died. I couldn’t believe it. I just think its not reliable for HBDs. You may have better luck if the assist and character are OTG’able but from standing or doing it on reaction to them calling an assist, its ass.