Opportunity for all the online Rog players



I think you will be interested in this:

We currently have a ‘team’ if you will that is working together to get better in this game. Most of us don’t have access to big arcades with lots of SF4 players, so online is our best resource. What we’ve done is set up several things:

We have an ongoing weekly tourney that we moderate and set up, usually playing 1 round of the tourney each day to 2 days. It’s a dbl elim, FT5 best of 3 rounds tourney.

We have an IRC chat setup to help facilitate matches and casuals (last night we had over 40 PS3 and XBL players online, needless to say, tons of sparring matches were had). This is also a good way to ask questions, get feedback real time, and just plain have fun with the guys in the community.

We have a ‘team’ forum set up to give permanent feedback to matches. The only reason we really use the team forum is to report matches and give breakdowns. It helps to keep SRK uncluttered and to not have to hear people whine about all the posts.

So, to all you Rogs out there feel free to join the endeavor. You won’t regret it.

Some information:

We are on IRC on quakenet. You can use a quick web interface to get in, but we recommend getting one of the many clients that conenct you to IRC. If you are unfamiliar with that, we can help. For now though, connect to us using:

enter in your nick as either PS3|name or XBL|name
the channel is #streetfighter4

Here is a link to the historical info on our group:

As for the tourney, this week’s is filled, but a fresh tourney will be starting once this one is concluded (next few days). We look forward to seeing you all in IRC and getting some practice/matches in against those interested.


Hmm, I’ll check this out.



this is dope . lol … ill be on it for sure .


Are you separating regions out? I’m in Great Britain so would lag horribly against the West Coast folk.


Thanks for the replies guys. Some info:

Jeenyus - Thanks man. Hope you like what you see. This weekend is gonna be poppin (if last weekend, which was when we started this, was any indication). If you need any help getting into IRC let me know. As far as systems, it looks like you are XBL, so the tourney and all that is handled by wkwong11. You can find the XBL version (we all still share the same IRC and all that, its just that handling the XBL tourney brackets wouldnt have worked for myself and Paul) of the thread here:


Blue B15 - same deal as Jeenyus. Thanks for replying and hope to see you in irc soon.

Kreeeee - not sure what system you are on, but if it’s PS3, then hit me up with any questions you have. If I’m not around, DarthPaul can and will assist you. If you are on the XBOX, then same as above, contact wkwong11 (his srk name) and let him know you are interested.

EDIT - whoops, missed your main question lol. Right now, no, it’s not separated out by region. We would need quite a bit more from EU to be able to break up into a separate tourney. We do, however, have at least 5 players that i can think of (on PS3) who are from EU that are always looking for casuals.

Again, the tournaments are just part of what we are doing, and really just helps our overall goal - Just a bunch of guys wanting to get better and see how far we can take it. Several of our guys are planning to go to evo next year and others are just preparing for local tournies.

Hope to see you all in IRC.


are there any PC players? are we even welcome? :S


Plenty of them in the IRC channel.


It’s pretty much pointless if you are trying to get any better online with less than 4 bars. Online play is already shit…playing someone across the world is beyond shit.


too bad the pc sf4 community isn’t like this. hopefully we will catch up.


Im definately going to check this out