Opportunity to buy SF Alpha 2 cab

I have the opportunity to get a pretty good deal on an Alpha 2 cab… it has a JAMMA system and the controls are like new, but I was wondering what it would take to get MVC2 in the cabinet? Would I just need the MVC2 jamma board?

I think I can get the cab and the alpha 2 board for under $300… is this a good deal?

also how do the monitors hookup to the board? i have no idea how cabinets work but I don’t want to missed a chance and not buy this b/c of ignorance.

and how hard is it to move a cabinet? I have access to a van, but can the cabinet be sat on it’s back?


MvC2 is Naomi hardware. You’re gonna have to get new hardware. See link.

$300 for a cab and board is a good deal.

mvc2 doesn’t have a jamma board. mvc2 ran on naomi hardware, which then needs a converter to jamma. the best converter is the capcom i/o which will deal with the power, the sound, and i believe the video as well. mvc2 wasn’t a gdrom game so that makes things easier.
the monitor in a jamma cabinet is hooked up to the jamma harness, along with everything else in the cab. if the video from the naomi(vga) does run through the converter to the harness like i’m remembering you won’t need to do anything except plug it in. it will take care of the power, sound, controls, coindoor, and video. then plug the i/o into the proper places on the naomi main board and switch it on.

so that is a start. how much is the i/o typically? And how much is the mvc2 hardware?
i want to do this but I don’t want to get taken to the cleaners.

definitely more than you are spending for the cab with sfa2. if you were to buy it right this minute on ebay it would be $700 but that’s a rip off. for mvc2 with a naomi board and a capcom i/o…i’d hazard $400-$500
edit* just poked into sega-naomi marketplace. someone over there is selling a full kit for $450 right now, so it looks like my guess wasn’t too far off

There is no such thing as a Street Fighter Alpha 2 cab, they are all conversions from something else. Post a picture of the cab and we can help you decide if it is worth $300.

If it is just a dynamo cabinet like SF2 came in then it is worth about $200 in good condition. Add in the A2 board and you are getting a normal price. I would personally try to get the cab without the board though, unless you care about playing A2.

Moving a cab is pretty easy as long as you have a hand truck (dolly) and a thick blanket to lay down in the back of the van. I don’t know if the van is deep enough though, it might stick out the back. Definitely measure before you try anthing. Laying the cab on it’s back is ok, but do so gently, an impact can affect the monitor. You might even want to remove the monitor before transport if you want to be extra careful.

Adding naomi support to a JAMMA cab is easy, but expensive as everybody else said. You might consider instead of buying a NAOMI board putting a J-pac and dreamcast adapter inside and play the dreamcast version. Also you could play any other DC fighter!

You can buy the stuff for that from www.ultimarc.com


If you are really really brave you could hack a Dreamcast VGA box to output in 15khz and send a signal your arcade monitor could recognize. add in padhacking a couple of DC controllers and connect them to your cabs controls and voila, you just converted your SFA2 cab to MVC2 for probably less than $30.