Optical stick on non-common ground pcb?

Hi, i’ve been trying to build an arcade stick using the original xbox wired controller pcb http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram6.jpg, i’ve got an optical joystick that ive wired up to the +5v and ground, circled in yellow and grey on that diagram^ (well i didn’t, but a friend of mine who works with circuit boards did). But after doing a bit of research i found that when using this board, people usually get the separate grounds from each microswitch on the joystick, and do it that way… but i don’t think i can do that with an optical stick. is there any other way of getting it to work, or will i just have to find a new pcb with a common ground? If so, what’s the best/cheapest one to use?

I’ve already done a fair bit of reading through these forums, but there’s not alot of info on these sticks :confused:

If you can spend some bucks buy PS360 pcb

Can i still get the +5v from this? I only really need it for xbox too

If you go the PS360 route, you can get the +5v from the little four pin connector that comes with it.
You can also replace the 360 board with a common ground 360 pad like one of the MadCatz fightpads or gamestop pads.
If you want to keep using the early wired board, the cheapest way to get an optical to work with it is with a 360^2 board.
Here you can read about what it does:
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They cost $9, and its pretty small so if you’re in the US, I can send it first class mail for only $2 postage.

OK, nice one. Thanks… That 360^2 thing sounds ideal! I’ll have to think about it tho, cos i could always make another stick with this pcb, and get a madcatz one for my optical…

And i’m in the UK, so any idea how much the postage would be to get one of those boards sent over here if i was to go that route?

Well, cheap airmail would take forever to arrive, like 6-8 weeks. Anything else would cost more than the board itself, so it’s probably not worth talking about; getting a common ground xbox360 board would be cheaper.

Ah, fair doos… Thanks alot for the help :slight_smile:

benaco74 was in the same situation as you, because he is also Europe: http://shoryuken.com/f177/connecting-seimitsu-ls32-01-sanwa-jlf-non-common-ground-xbox360-pads-178461/

He used optocoupler and resistor.

All else you would need to do is connect the 5v of optical to the 5v of USB.

Just found out that a mate of mine has a MadCatz controller he said i can have 'cos the X&Y buttons dont work, so hopefully that’s not a problem with the board… Fingers crossed it’s common ground too! If not i’ll have to look into that optocoupler/resistor thing.

I just threw the official 360 pcb in another agetec i had for now, along with a seimitsu stick…

There are a couple of those cheap MadCatz sticks on ebay too (the ones with the square pcb that’s basically just a controller with an extended analog stick)… Are these ALL common ground, or is it pretty much just the same as the controllers, some are, and some aren’t?