OpticIL is up for sale 🕹



Will this fit on a Suzo 500 ?

No sir

Order did, very excite!

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Thanks brother! For those on the fence since you don’t have acase to put them in, IL sized bombers will be up for sale before the levers ship.



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Hey if I buy a standard microswitch iL eurostick with a colored lever, I can swap it out right?

Absolutely brother

Can’t wait to try mine!

Have been saving these iL “shift knobs” for hella long, waiting for a deserving new build!

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Wow this is amazing! I’m so glade I surfed into here. I still have my modded perfect 360 il lorenzo but this is clean and 4 settings. Think I’m going to have to update my fightstick! Great work.

I’m guessing this probley wouldn’t work with the aftermarket il joystick shafts like paradise arcades selectuons? I know the upper diameter isn’t as thick but the bushed down housing where the actuator sits is the same size but the shaft hangs lower than the stock shaft and has different height clip settings.

Pic of aftermarket il lorenzo shaft.

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Either of the official threaded shafts available at focus attack will work. I am using the short shaft myself.


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@butteroj that sounds sweet. Love your work. Throwing it out there but u want to trade a great working condition perfect 360 optical encoder and modded il ilorizo stick for one of your pre orders joysticks? I can sweatin it a little bit with 2 broken perfect 360 spillproof buttons, one white, one blue. They were in bad condition when I got them but with the right guy I’m sure they can be fixed.

I can change the colors to whatever I have yellow, red, blue and white spillproof buttons. 2 other brand new il stock shafts as well lol. The sensors are not registering.

Also have a original flyer floating around somewhere that I got off the seller when I purchased my buttons.

Hit me up pm if your interested if not no big deal, just trying to update and save some coin, pretty hard to come by stuff theses days.

Well just bought a white acrylic case from your site, its a Japanese layout. I put in the notes to add a second neutrik hole for two total hub connections, hopefully this can be accommodated.

Guts going into new case!!!

I’ll be Pre ordering the il optic and case for it in the following weeks as well. Thank you for your amazing products. Nice to see acrylics back up after tek innovations closed down.

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So in the future if I want to add artwork to your cases do I inquire u or do u refer your graphics to other vendors? Just curious were I can find a template if I had to do some photoshopping ect. Thanks again for the amazing products and look forward to buying another case and your amazing joysticks

IL template will be up when the case is released. Did you want a clear top panel for art on your white case or all white?

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Clear top is fine. This is just another build I’m doing. I’m putting a silent hori in this build. I’ll be buying another case for the il optic as well. This case is just for some spare pcbs I had laying around and am building for a friend. The next one purchased will be my new personal with the il optical!!!