Optimal Chip Finisher Guide

Hi all! I just finished a video cataloguing the best chip finishers I could find for every character in various contexts. Even high ranked players still seem to get surprised by these. Hope it’s helpful:


Be sure to check the description for a lot of additional nuance.

Ehhh…my character can’t chip kill anyone! BOO I SAY!

Shut up and run your vortex!

Just keep mashing on jab imo. They’ll eat one. (this is advanced strategy)

I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not but this is what I do in any fighter when I have a good enough life lead. Even if a trade occurs they’re going to lose so there’s little reason not to.

Since meter is soo damn easy to build in the game, I don’t mind abusing supers to get chip-kills on turtle shell opponents.

Hilariously enough, the reactions of most when a super is incoming are pretty funny.

How does white/grey damage work with chipout? Let’s say the opponent has 100hp left and I do 20 in white/grey and 80 in special/super after Guts. Will my opponent die or will he still have 20 white/grey left?

Grey damage counts as real damage in terms of chip. If you opponent has 95% grey health and you do a chip super they will die. @eiSH