Optimal followup to a dizzy opponent

When playing my friends, theyre parrying skills are under par and fall for denjins easily.
But I can never decide on what to do to them when stunned.
Whats best?

anything you can pull of before they recover

jumpin mp > close hp > mk joudan
close hp xx hp shoryuken

charge bar with 2 x mp before he fars, jumpin whatever > close hp will get u enough meter for an EX joudan kick > srk


Anyway, that’s a good thing to know there. Thanks nani.

Is there a chart that shows how much meter each move gains? Or is it just the more damage a move causes the more meter you get?

best damage after denjin is jump HP, standing HP, any tatsumaki (tatsu deals more damage than joudan)

it’s tommy
cuz i say so

roundhouse Tatsumaki has the most damage and stun is pretty much the same as Joudan or fierce Shoryuken.


Yo… do this if they are dizzy and you got almost 2 full bars of shinkuu hadouken(assuming you dizzy them without denjin hadouken)(Can be only done in corner):

Jump in deep Roundhouse, low forward kick, EX-Hurricane Kick, Shinkuu Hadouken, Ex-Joudan Kick, then shoryuken(or any other attack).

With dejin you only have 1 super bar :stuck_out_tongue:

that combo has so-so damage when you think about how much meter you expend. it’s my fave Ryu combo, and i will do it on the CPU or in a casual match. but if the stakes were high, i’d just do jumping fierce -> c. fierce -> Shinkuu -> s. roundhouse. if i had a full 2 bars, i’d go for Shinkuu x2 :wgrin:.


this is the combo done by SLIMX.
corner your opponent, jump in hp/ s.hp xx f,d,d/f+hp xx super uppercut/\ jump or super jump then do HP. After he did the jumping hp, the opponent was dizzied and stunned. But somehow when I tried this combo and after I did the jumping HP after the super uppercut, the opponent didn’t get stunned or dizzied. Instead he or she just fell down and stood on their feet. I just wonder WHY?

reason you didn’t get the same results is because that Ryu combo SlimX did was on a different game. that was from SF3: New Generation, not 3rdStrike. in New Generation, Ryu’s moves did a more ridiculous amount of stun.


oh shit! I thought it was SFS 3 hehehe… :clap: Anyway. Does Ryu have any stun-combo?

Ryu has one against Remy. it’s actually an insta-kill combo :badboy:.

Mopreme did it in his Link Encyclopedia video.

it’s similar to the one SlimX did against Ken in that video you saw.

jump in fierce -> s. fierce -> fierce Shoryuken xx Shinshoryuken -> jumping fierce -> (land) fierce Shoryuken

that ends the initial combo. you can do whatever you want after, but Mopreme built some meter by doing 3 or 4 s. strongs while Remy was dizzy then did

jump in strong (2 hits) -> s. fierce -> EX Joudan -> jump back strong (2 hits)

that KOed Remy :clap:.


hahaha…you are such a great helper. Thanks so much. Anyway I just get a question or maybe it’s a doubt. Aren’t all the moves in SFS 3 can be kara-cancelled? I have tried Akuma’s Kara toward+MP. I can do it every time but it doesn’t seem to apply to RYU’s moves. :clap: :party: :tup: :encore: :pleased: