Optimal Stick-Type for Makoto playstyle?

I’ve been questioning myself If theres a particular stick variety/setup that favors Makoto’s playstyle.

Ever since I started to play SF4AE (as a Makoto-loyalist), I’ve only used a standart Samwa JLF square-gate stick … and since my local scene is next to zero I never had a chance to test different types/modded sticks.

So this brings me to my question! What kind of modifications or tweaks you guys found helpful?

For instance, Is it better to have a circular gate restrictor instead of a square gate? will it fasten the execution on HC’s, IA Tsurugis, DP’s and so on? will it hurt more than it helps?
In terms of brands, Does a stick like the Seimitsu LS-40 (more stiff and with less throw) helps Makoto dash game and overhaul movement?
And what about new technologies such as the Hori Hayabusa V-Cut mechanism? is it worth the investment?

I would love to get an idea of what you people work with and If it’s crucial or not to worry about this things.

Obviously, people play and win with just about anything. For me, when I play Makoto, I really want an octo gate. I’m garbage at IAT with a square gate.

I thought that a circle gate would help me too but then I bought one and put it on my stick. I never fully let go of my stick and because of that I rely on feeling the corners of the square gate. Before I played on a circle gate I didn’t realize this. At the end of the day though, my execution is already good so I don’t know why I even wanted to change in the first place.

If you’re comfortable with what you have, keep it and practice with it. Nothing is going to make you drastically improve quickly. It takes practice.