Option Select and Notations

  1. Referring to an old Guile Option Select video, I am having difficulty trying to understand the notation. and I have been repeating, trying to understand at this videos for days


am I intepret this correctly?:

jab = lp
strong = mp
fierce = hp
short = lk
roundhouse = hk
forward = mk

I wonder why don’t he uses more straight forward notation but instead use some boombastic words…

And i don’t understand the practical use of this Option Select he is trying to show us… can anyone explain in simpler language to me?

  1. What short of practical Options Select Guile has?

If you played in the arcade in the good old days, those were the labels for each button.

There is a thread somewhere that should have gotten stickied. It probably won’t be more than 3 pages over, but I believe it’s just called “Guile Option Selects.” Overall, he only needs a few universal ones, like c.mp or c.hp crouch techs, but there are a few others to catch backdashes, teleports, or other weird things. Just look for that thread.


The link to that thread is gone. Seems to be one of the threads that bit the dust.