Option Select for every? character against tech rolls

basically depending on your characters setups that leave there opponent in a ground recovery state, you can dash to follow them whether they go in one direction or the other.

and if your character has any other NEUTRAL or straight up or straight down moves, that move forward… those will work also…

so an explanation

wolvies drill claw has a neutral command of S+ATK… this can be done neutral and will go towards the opponent wherever they may be… dashing accomplishes the same thing since its also a neutral button move.

wolverine and probably any other divekick character can also autocorrect there divekick by neutral superjumping and holding straight down +divekick button

i only made this thread so more people will know, instead of just the wolverine forum. it is probably highly appalicable for many character to blow up them techrolls.

also it can work versus air techs as well with the right setups… i will post the air tech setups for wolvie in a sec.

anywho there are probably many ways to get out of this, but the ability to semi cover 2 of the opponents primary options when grounded seems very strong… wolvie can cover all 3 of his opponents air tech options with one command.


wtf does plink even mean

Here’s James Chen talking about this new tech on WNF:

Basically what I think he’s saying is that you can dash twice using an input like:

AB -> A~B

The second dash is “plinked”, meaning you hit A one frame before B. If it works, your character will dash, cancel into A for one frame, then dash again. This is actually a little faster than wavedashing, and, as Dime is pointing out, it does not have a direction attached to it. So you can’t dash the wrong way VS an opponent that is tech rolling.

These setups seem cool, Dime, im gonna have to try them out. You sure you need to plink dash? Normal dashes don’t need a direction input either, so you would only need to plink dash if you needed two dashes (from what I understand). This would make sense from what you described VS Air Recovery, though.


yeah james said that mike z told him about it. and im sure he did, but i had a vid posted about it LOONG AGO (in mvc3 terms) LOL.

plink dashing is also mentioned in viewtiful joes strat corner in the mvc3 guide though its for joes airdash cancel into itself.

for regular grounded techrolls plink dashing isnt needed, but for wolvies optionselect versus AIR tech, TWO dashes are needed and it has to be plinked cause wavedashing will be to slow and those are the only ways to cancel dashes into dashes. also, with wolvie, and this probably applies to more characters, the plink dash has different effects versus different characters air recoveries… like versus sent it covers all 3 techs perfectly but against cap it needs to be timed differently to get the same effect. the first dash gets him closer to the airteching character, the second dash autocorrects to wherever the character went.

in sents case these things happen:

if he techs forward towards wolvie, wolvies first dash goes under sent sent, then the plinked dash crosses up a second time.

if he techs away from wolvie the first dash moves wolvie closer and the second one goes under, achieveing a ground crossup.

if he holds neutral the first dash goes towards sent and the second one crosses up.

in all the options wolvie gets “free” pressure if his opponent doesnt press a button. if they do wolvie can bait that out… if they tech backwards wolvie can dash once and reset with an air throw.

instead of doing a second dash wolvie can instead do a ground drill claw which will autocorrect as well.

so basically more characters can probably make use of this with well timed dashes that will chase the opponent wherever they go… of course the strength of the pressure will depend on the characters involved and what setups (if any) they have

wolvie seems to benefit from this very well. im just urging people to try it out with wolvie to see whats going on and then see if they have any ways to apply it to there mains.


Yea, there was a vid about plinking dashes a couple weeks ago.
Im mediocre but I do it in the mission modes at least to get practice.
And harder to do when up close, almost like game knows maybe you wanted to attack instead of dashing.

Hmm interesting. I’m wondering if Thor can benefit from this, seeing as his forward dashes are TERRIBLE… but his kara-grab moves him forward a fair bit as well. Problem is while the move you kara from is ‘neutral’ (ie just down :h:) the grab motion itself isn’t…

At the very least I wasn’t aware of plinking dashes. So thanks.

thors forward plink dash is better than his wavedash, but they both still suck.

his back plink dash is REALLY good though… but who wants to backdash with thor…


Ah, I just tried this out with Wolverine. That is so sick vs air recoveries. I usually don’t get air recoveries though. I use Wolvie with akuma assist and I usually combo into a super after the assist hits.

another thing I thought of is if a character with an airdash puts a character into an air recovery, they can neutral jump, air dash with PP, and go for an air throw no matter which way they recover.

Thanks for pointing this out.

It originally meant priority linking (p-link) where you press a high priority button then low priority button a frame later so you get the high priority button for 2 consecutive frames.

Plink has replaced the word piano or kara for the technique of pressing 2 buttons a short number of frames apart.

So basically AD after teching against Wolverine or expect a crossup, gotcha.

depends on the character, not every character has an 8 way airdash. characters with 8 way airdashes cant block during them iirc. wolvies has an 8 way torpedo move just in case his opponent does try to get out via airdash.

best way out is probably to activate an air hyper that has lots of invincuibility… like sents. but that can probably be baited as well.

testing, not dismissive stances, are whats needed. the OS versus techroll may make resets less risky for the offensive player… orthey may not.


I’m really surprised so many people are just getting up on plink dashing. It’s in the primer of the Brady Games strat guide - been doing it day one. I don’t think it completely supplants wavedashing, however, as WDing gives more control over spacing due to being shorter. A combination of both will be the ideal, I think, but that’s going to take a lot of time and practice.

I play Wolvie, so I’ll have to mess with these OSs tonight.

finally tried these resets in actual matches… WOW, they’re really good.


They should have just given us run, for the record.

Triangle Jump Slide. Doubt anyone really knows what that is because everyone assumes Thor is ass and wont give him the time of day because he is not an easymode character like 90% of the cast.

This helps Haggar out a lot after a scored piledriver.

Okay, I’m a bit confused as to how/if this really works. I’m probably just misunderstanding, but there doesn’t actually seem to be autocorrect on Dashes/Air Dashes/Dive Kicks at all. Is there a strict timing or positioning involved when timing these things to catch and Air Recovery or Tech Roll?

just learn the setup that i posted for wolverine, try it against sentinel. put him on random for air recovery.
you will see. if you cant get to the reset position… i dont know… its just a launcher followed by a pretty standard air series, land and do standing jab.

fuck it though… an reasier way to get to the reset is just do a ground drill claw, canceled into D+H. then followup with standing jab after you land… then just dash twice… simple.

the ones versus ground resets are more situational as you need them to recover right next to you at midscreen.