Option select headbutt



I did a search but i didn’t found anything about this. If this info is posted already sorry in advance.

So i found this video (kind of old yeah, props to the guy who created it)

[media=youtube]-Rdz8H4C3qw[/media] skip to 2:40

It’s not hard to do and it’s a huge punish for backdash. Immediately after the meaty cr.mk connects do the ultra command. The timing is not strict just make sure you don’t do it too late and the ultra activates even on block/hit.

Of course if chun or any other character do a move with invincible frames it doesn’t work and you will get punished.

So i was thinking what if instead of ultra 1 we use ex headbutt. It would beat almost anything the opponent does.

Unfortunately i tried several times in training mode and i can’t pull it off.

I don’t know if my timing is wrong or if the game engine doesn’t allow it. If it indeed ex headbutt doesn’t work can anyone explain me why that is? I mean you can do ultra 1 why not ex headbutt?

I also tried with other normal moves like cr mp or cr jab but the ex headbutt will come out on block so it’s useless.

We know that the non chargers can do very powerful jumping option selects but the charge characters cannot do any jumping option selects to my knowledge at least with their charge moves. So we mostly do meaty option selects like the sweep option select or the tap option select for teleports.

Also a note about the ultra 1 option select. Be careful if you have super. If chun backdashes you will still get the ultra 1 but if she blocks the super will come out no matter what. I think this is because you can cancel the super from cr.mk.


I’ve tested this OS in training mode and I can assure that the time between cr.mk and HB is very strict.
Using the with HP/EX version, enemy can block after backbash (12 f startup is too long for punish).

The lp version is the quickiest but it’s too short and so useless, while mp version works good versus some chars with medium ranged backdash. Forget to punish Chun with that.

Why don’t you try b.mk O-S dash upper EX? You should have the charge to continue with cr.lp, cr.lk xx headbutt.


Interesting. So it is possible to option select balrog’s special moves after a meaty cr.mk (even if the timing is strict). I am going to do some tests later.

I was thinking option select ex headbutt to be very useful not for backdash punishes but for other stuff.

For example let’s say you fw throw ryu and do tap to close the distance and retain your charge and finally you do meaty cr.mk option select ex headbutt.

Ryu almost never backdashes in that situation, instead he will either block, press buttons/throw etc. or do a reversal srk.

If he does a reversal srk the option selected ex headbutt would come out because your cr.mk will whiff (pass right through) since the srk has invincible frames. In that case i think the ex headbutt would beat the srk since it has way more invincible frames. According to frame data his invincible from frame 1 to 15. Of course ryu can do a reversal ex. srk which beats the ex headbutt. Still you really limit his options if he can only block or do a ex. srk (or ultra 2 lol)

Assuming all of the above are correct (just laying down some thoughts i didn’t test any of that yet) you can really limit ryu’s (and probably many other characters) options on wake up.


cr.mk has a decent number recovery frames, what you’re referring to is a ground buffer O/S that’s activated on whiff. The main issue is that meaty cr.mk is more unsafe on whiff because it has a decent amount of recovery frames. So a meaty cr.mk will be beat by any 8-frame invincible reversal, in comparison meaty cr.lp is safe from 5f reversals. buffered ex.dashes are kind of useful too since they won’t get beat by srk (unless its a reversal).

and ex.hb and ex.dp will go through each other but you’ll recover first in super, i’m not sure who recovers first in AE. :frowning:


As 3nigmat1c said, cr.mk has too much recovery frames, so a reversal DP punishes you on recovery, before you can use HB.