Option select help


I understand what OS is and all that but I am unsure on how to actually do them. What kind of input is required for them to work? I know Bison has one for J.Mk and if that whiffs he will do a slide. But I don’t know in what order I should be inputting the commands. Do a place a RK inbetween J.Mks or do I just press RK during Mk whiffing? Are the input’s timing and placement all character specific? Thanks in advance.


You just press the jump attack, then the OS immediately after. So, j.mk, d+hk.


What’s RK


Ahhhh SF4, the game were you don’t have to think. The games does it for you! And yes, what is RK?


RK would be round house kick. The original terminology from old school arcade players in the states. Jab - Strong - Fierce / Short - forward - Roundhouse


I’m sure you wish that were true. People using option selects ARE thinking. They’re one step ahead of their opponent. You have to anticipate which attack they’re going to use on wakeup and use the correct OS.


but that’s RH not RK


round kick! anyways it’s easier to learn the timing with ryu. do ryu’s jump hk and then input a shoryuken movement. try it away frmo your opponent and the srk will come out. try it when your opponent is blocking and the srk wont come out. after that, try it with bison. the srk/down rh should be input a little bit befoer you hit the ground.


Thanks I wouldn’t have thought of trying out ryu’s first.

And yeah RK=RH


the timing is similar to a cancel. you want the put in the input before bison reaches the ground. here’s how i test OS jump-in. 1P is X character (doesn’t really matter unless your testing what OS beats what wake-ups). 2P is the character that i’m actually practicing the OS w/. in your case bison. set it to record. throw w/ bison then jump-in OS slide. playback and control the other character. if i block bison shouldn’t slide after the jump-in. if i backdash bison should slide if done correctly.