Option Select: Important?

Been using T. Hawk for a long time now, but I never consciously incorporate option selects into my game. So I was wondering: Is option selecting beneficial to Hawk’s playstyle, or could I possibly keep going at it without using OS’s?

It’s skill that counts, not luck.

Option select spd is the one I use the most, I never go for a command grab without using it… There are a few others but I am not a OS type player, I am more footsie, turtle based. I’m sure view or even lavangundy could give you more insight there. Option select spd, however, is in my opinion, the best option select for t.hawk to use and all t.hawks should use it

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Do you mean 360 motion and P+K?


Thanks fellas. I’ll be sure to use your advice. :smiley:

It’s skill that counts, not luck.

Hey man, do you mind explaining in more detail how this OS works? I dont use any OS’s at the moment and want to incorporate them into my game.
Thanks in advance.

I wrote it above. Instead of your 225 degrees and LP you want to press LP and LK at all times.

And yet nobody is explaining what this achieves.

I believe it’s supposed to become an spd or tech a throw if they get you first. I haven’t successfully managed to get an spd to come out, i always end up getting a grab. But i’ll try that newfangled 225 degree technology.

There was a video that explained the 360 LPLK thing…I don’t know what happened to it. Try YT search

That’s not new ;D

And yes it is supposed to do exactly that, but I too have trouble with it.