Option Select in HDR... know any?


This seems to be character specific but lately I’ve been reading and hearing safe option selects in certain situations in HDR. Can we start posting and confirm if it works or not?


Easiest one is Honda’s negative edge ochio.

:r::df::d::db:, press :p: to tick with low jab, release :p: to either ochio if the guy doesn’t reversal, or block if he does.


Here’s some advanced ones I’ve been reading on nohoho’s site http://curryallergy.blogspot.com/2010/01/minimum-logic-1-built-in-dragon-punch.html. These are for ST but it should work in remix


Safe jumps. Safe reversals. Normal throws. Dragon Punch installs.


Ryu and Ken:
(also works for any character with a DP: Cammy, Hawk, Sagat)

1)vs Boxer and Ken’s throw loops:
[]beating a cross under or fake cross under into sweep:
]Shoryuken motion (f,d,df,f) ending in f while piaonoing Strong, Fierce to get a throw if they cross under and a Shoryuken if they don’t
[]beating a cross under into neutral jump attack or a fake cross under into empty bait:
]crossup Shoryuken motion (f,df,d,db) ending in db using NE, that way if they cross under, you get a Shoryuken, if they don’t, you block safely (very hard for me to do since I’m not good with NE)
[/INDENT][/INDENT][INDENT](safe jumps are still safe tho)
[/INDENT]2)vs meaty ambiguous crossups like Dictator’s j Forward, j Roundhouse, crossup Psycho Crusher tricks in the corner, Blanka’s H Roll crossup tricks, Ken’s j Forward, Dee Jay’s j Forward, meaty crossup Sumo Splashes, crossup j attacks after Hawk’s Elbow Smash or Honda’s Bear Hug/Knee Bash:
[]crossup Shoryuken motion (hcb) ending in b while NE piano releasing all 3 punches, so if you are crossed up, you get a Shoryuken, if not, you block safely
[INDENT](for crossup Psycho Crusher and H Roll crossup tricks, you don’t have to NE, piano only Strong and Fierce and you will get a Shoryuken if crossed up, and a throw if not crossed up, obviously reversal throw won’t work if PC/Roll is done from outside throw range which almost never happens, also you can switch the Shoryuken motion to the normal way (f,d,df,f) to get a throw if crossed up, and a Shoryuken if not)
[/INDENT]3)vs meaty Wall Dives:
]these can be tricky due to Claw’s steerability and being able to choose which wall to go off of, but the principle is the same as #2: NE piano release all 3 punch buttons with a crossup Shoryuken command (f,df,d,db)
[INDENT](where it gets tricky is if Claw crossed you up first by going off the opposite wall, and then crossing up *again *with the Wall Dive, it’s easy to lose track of which direction to end the Shoryuken motion in order for this option select to work, but it’s better than just guessing which way to block, and I’m sure it’ll get easier with experience)


Interesting post, blitzfu. I’ve always had trouble executing an auto-correct DP on wakeup against crossups, and usually opt to block as the safe option.

Regarding the Boxer cross-under grab loop, most Boxer players won’t use the simple version (crossover, cr.MK -> grab / cr.MK -> hit confirm) against high level opponents as it’s vulnerable to being reversaled and counter-thrown. Usually it’s either a fake crossup into cr.MK/cr.HK, or simply don’t cross under at all and maintain charge for further pressure.

I believe it’s already mentioned in this thread, but nohoho posted some excellent option selects on his site recently. One that is quite useful is the option select jump-in DP, which stuffs reversals. Very useful against Honda, for example. You safe-jump on his wakeup, and if he tries to do the buttslam reversal, you get an instant DP which stuffs it. Another version is Boxer safe-jump on Ryu, if Ryu tries the hurricane kick on wakeup, Boxer instantly responds with cr.Fierce as he lands which beats the hurricane clean.


Chun li: hold :r: press repeatedly :mp:


Thanks for the info guys. I didn’t know about the nohoho coverage on option selects and it looks like he covers a lot for ST. I knew it would be situation specific, so ideally, to compile all of them together, I would break them out in categories for each character. I might make a new thread dedicated to known option selects for HDR.


Safe jumps and safe pokes seem like they’re timing/spacing tricks, rather than option selects - they work because of timing and spacing, not because they have situationally different interpretation.

There are - basically - two situations where the HDR engine will automatically select what a move does by default: Throws - which can whiff or not come out depending on spacing, and directional commands, which vary depending on the side that the opponent is on. Aside from the aforementioned NE Oichio, and towards + MP, those techniques seem to see little use. (In Super Turbo, NE Typhoon was also significant, but now it’s got a miss animation.) The best example for side-to-side option select would be using NE sumo torpedo against cross-up jump-ins.

As far as I can tell, most of the option selects are based on the notion that the system will ignore some of the input you give it in some of the expected scenarios. So, for example we have:

Normal throw followed by special – if the throw doesn’t come out, the special can kara cancel the normal move that comes out from the throw attempt. This is probably most useful with reversal specials.

Jumping attack with ‘built-in special’. If the jumping attack hits or is blocked, then the special move command is covered by the block stun, and ignored by the system. Again, the best choice is probably a reversal attack.

Option select cancels confirms. Fei Long, for example, can cancel to rekkaken out of his close fierce punch, but not his far one, but assuming you have the timing, you can input the qcf + punch with minimal drawback since it will be ignored if the fierce whiffs or comes out as a far fierce.

Command overlap option select - if you do Zangief’s super command, and the opponent is out of reach, you get the regular SPD instead.


I can vouch for this.




If we are strictly speaking about the concept of option selects, any throw will count as one. Many of the throws that end in a Anti Air normal, DJ MP, Boxer MP, Cammy MP, and etc hit characters is they try to jump out and if you mistime your throw. Those are simple but effective OS scenarios.