Option Select Overload

Plinking V-Skill with Grab will net a nice option select for wake-up situations. Some characters benefit less from this than others.

SFIV was plagued with innumerable option selects to the point of ridiculous and Capcom has worked hard to remove the most common OS.

With this in mind, has anyone discovered any other OS?

Hey I was looking for any reported OS’s in the general SF5 thread, since OS’s should be a universal mechanic. I guess since this is the only thread I found that’s relevant (despite no responders), and I don’t want to just make a new thread if this info isn’t new, I’ll share some very practical OS I figured out just tonight.

I call it “Plinked V-Reversal”.

In SF5, doing V-reversals with some characters is tied to either special moves, or moves with excessive start up and recovery that you wouldn’t want to throw out at close range. It’s only because the fierce punch or kick takes priority in the 3P/3K requirement to cause a v-reversal, that in the case of not causing a v-reversal, you woull get either a fierce attack or an ex special in some cases as with charge characters.

What I’ve discovered prevents you from either getting special moves you don’t want, or fierce attacks that you also wouldn’t want in the case of going for V-reversal.

So what the tech is, is before doing the command for your characters’ V-reversal, you do a light attack. This is the foundation for this tech. You might be able to do medium punch/kick instead. I haven’t tested that yet prior to this report.

For Example:

Necalli wants to v-reversal some random Chun Li normal. The drawback is that you’ve been blocking for awhile, so in the incident, you get EX Disc Guidance if you weren’t in block stun for the moment. This obviously has more start up and recovery than your average Necalli footsie attack.

So instead, what you do to prevent this is you press s.LK right before forward +3P

If you do it right, you’ll only get s.LK since Necalli doesn’t have a back charge special involving kicks. If you do it too fast, you might get throw. That could be better or worse than getting EX Disc Guidance, so I suggest going for whatever your faster normal is and figuring out the timing for that.

In the case of Bison:

Since all of his moves ending in forward are charge motions, the way to override this is by ending your V-reversal in down forward + LP or LK. The V-reversal command accepts down forward as a forward input, so there’s a lot of leniency both in your input, and the time to get out a V-reversal. In testing, I’ve even gotten V-reversal after pressing down forward, then hitting the attacks either while pressing direct down or down back, sort of as a charge buffer tactic.

This also means you retain your down charge for headstomp/devils reverse if you want to go that route after V-Reversal knocks down.

If you miss the VR Plink, or don’t time it exact, this can result in a variety of unwanted inputs such as throw, df.HP, or c.HP. Even actually getting c.LP/LK aren’t a cure all to break pressure without spending meter. The whole point of this is to not accidentally get charge moves or other commands when all you want is V-Reversal.

Video soon to follow.

Alright so here is my video demonstrating V-Reversal plinking. Sorry about not doing any commentary.


What I learned and demonstrate, is not that this is a game-breaking mechanic, or reliable to break frame traps without using meter. It’s just meant to be a way to more reliably get v-reversals when you want without getting unwanted commands when you don’t. The video includes me testing between df.LK ~3P (It’s not a true plink otherwise you’ll end up getting throw which you probably don’t want as well), showing how if I mistime V-reversal, I get EX Psycho Ball (losing meter, showing I’m on tilt), and the difference between using df.LP and df.LK.

df.LP is much less reliable to use as a VR plink than df.LK in the case of Bison. Since I’m newly testing this, maybe there are characters with a 3K V-Reversal and a good c.LP.

But why df.LP is less reliable because of how it overlaps with other inputs.

If you do direct down + lp, then plink 3P, the 2nd input will register as a MP+HP, but not the LP from the 3P button press. The result is that you WON’T get a V-Reversal unless you absolutely do df.LP ~ 3P. But you CAN do direct down + LK ~ df.3P. So this leaves much greater leniency.

Also if your inputs aren’t super clean using df.LP, you might get crouch fierce, or df.HP, or worse case scenario, EX Psycho ball. So the df.LP VR Plink is a bit of a double override command.

Though I don’t demonstrate it in the video, I learned you can VR Plink with c.MK also, but again, if your input isn’t clean, you might end up with a V-Skill (which you might want). I didn’t try much with breaking block strings using V-Skill, but I believe if you Ryu-parry time it, you can actually mess up people’s frame traps. That’ll be the next phase of research, since these results were so successful in delivering what I wanted. I honestly thought Bison couldn’t get the same use out of it as other charge characters because up until a couple hours ago, I didn’t think you could go from down-back to down-forward and get the VR.