Option select parry?



I am ready to up my ken game and parrying is somkething I need work on. Can someone explain how option select parrying works and some examples with ken?
I have been watching deshiken vids recently and it is extremely obvious that he is fishing for parrys most of the time. It looks to me that he is just doing random guess parrying between moves. Is this all really random, or is there something else behind all of this?



Option parries are just parries you do in situations where if your opponent doesn’t throw anything, nothing happens. A good example is going for an empty jump through, and pressing forward as you’re jumping. Will parry if they do something, and it won’t if they don’t. A lot of players will randomly press down when they are approaching an emeny to try to get parries. The SGGK option select is a really powerful option parry tool, although I don’t know how it works for ken.






This is pretty hard stuff. I always get the throw if I parry of not. I can not get the mp to come out.


The most common option parry I use/see in play is wake-up forward/down parry then grab,it works on lots of offensives unless they walk out or meaty where you didn’t parry. A downside is that when you do a grab right after you might parry and then grab your opponent otherwise you could of parried into a nice punish combo.


A link would be nice.

They’re not exactly random parries. They are parry traps. The reason he’s fishing for it, is because it’s a low risk - high reward tactic.

An example is a blocked low MK from Ken. You can tap down, and lay a trap against low attacks from the opponent.

Emphasis on “traps”.


Whenever I jump in the air I always watch the other character’s animations and if I see anything that resembles a hit, I press forward. Most of the time I HK in the air to punish it. You then do a decent amount of damage for a single hit, and have the reset which is always nice. I know a really good trap, while it doesn’t involve parrying, but I’ve been able to put people in it a few times in a row. Do s.mp and if they block, do a l.hk. If they jump over, wait for them to land and then do a forward throw. Rinse and repeat. You can usually get 2 throws out of it before they realize.


I was watching some sbo4 videos of deshiken, and either keeper or spellmaster J and noticed some odd things that I do not quite understand.

Deshiken seemed to red parry c.short,c.jab chains. Why? Isnt this really risky? Why not pary low instead of high like he did? What does ken have after a short,jab besides a dash in? The only thing I noticed is that he did it when they have no meter.

Is there some hidden logic behind this or is it just simply because hes deshiken and he can…

Another thing I see spellmaster j and keeper doing is a down parry after a close standing mp from a shoto. Is this a common option select? What are kens mixups after a close standing mp?


hey redeem,
i posted the answer to ur question in the Basics of basics thread for ken
or watever the thread it called…


So I can Kara off cr.mk and get free confirms for sa3 if it parries??


If they catch on to your parries when you wake-up then they can screw you over with delayed attacks. Always go for the block on wake up.


you cannot kara off cr.mk because u cannot grab when in the crouching position…
hence u cant cancel any crouching normal into a normal grab…

however… command grabs are a diff story… but since ken has no command grabs… i wont go into detail…


That’s not true, you can kara-throw off of crouching moves - it’s just really hard, and not practical for match play.

Press the stick down, then let go so it tries to return back to neutral. As it’s rising, do mk ~ throw. If you do it exactly right, the mk comes out just before he stands, and the throw comes out just after. This is very frame specific, but it results in a kara-throw using a crouching move.

You can try it with Ken - if you accidentally kara st.mk (which you will, a lot), he will move forward a little bit. But if you get the crouching kara, he’ll move forward like 5 times that distance.


I’ve actually managed to do it. I’ve cancelled off the first frames any move into throw and even ken’s kara moves like cr.fwd and cr.rhs. It’s just too damn risky.But it does work.


The c.LK, c.LP chain is actually the c.LK, c.LP, c.LK chain, this is replacement for the standard c.LK, c.LK chain(hitconfirm&damage reasons). If you look at Deshiken you will notice that he prefers failing to launch a super after c.LK, c.LK over doing c.LK, c.LP, c.LK. That parry is the exact reason, if an opponent were to use c.LK, c.LK, the risk reward would still be in Deshiken’s favor since people hitconfirm on the first hit rather than on the second. But if opponents do c.LK, c.LP, c.LK he can forward parry that c.LP , which is pretty easy compared to the red downparry, and punish with s.MP.

So he parries it because he can and because he has a higher risk/reward ratio then his opponent.

As for your first question, it has already been covered with parry traps, there’s also cases that don’t really fall under that category. If you watch Deshiken’s movement you will notice that he often knows the options of his opponents and parries accordingly. Notable is Deshiken Instant Game vid where Yun’s HP getting parried by Deshiken and the match gets cleaned up with c.MK XX SA3. Yun was out of range to do anything else, so all his options were high and Deshiken acted accordingly(and parried).


I also dont understand why deshiken parrys forward for the cr,lk, cr lp, cr lk chain cause red parrying the second short down for cr lk, cr lk, isnt as hard as it sounds and it leads to a clean st mp super. this also works the same way with cr lk, cr lp, cr lk as it just parries the lp own instead.

One thing thta i thought might be the reason tho is in the situation of an air cross up. When ever the opponant Ken trys to croosup mk me and i block i immediately block low and wait to see if i get ticked with something after. It gives me a situation where if they do mp, hp chain and i tap forward the same input red parries the hp, if they do cr lk, cr lp, cr lk, the same input red parries the lp, if they do command overhead roughly the same input will blue parry the first hit, and if they throw they have enough frame advantage for you to see it and you can tech. the only thing that beats it is a cr lk, cr lk but you only end up eating a single short in that case.


im not sure where this thread has gone, but for the most part with ken you use option select parries to stop crouch techs.

its just another aspect of the throw/anti throw game.

c.short, walk up throw

c.short, walk up down parry into whatever.

if they crouch teched or mashed a low move, u hit them free. pending on the character you might want to high parry (necro for instance, because his most common anti throw moves are parryable high (s.mp, back+lk).

its just using parries intelligently.

like, against a chun li player you might want to buffer more high parries during footsies because s.rh and s.fp are commonly used moves outside c.mk range.


deshiken parries that chain because if someone does c.lk x2/x3, then only one hit would hit, because if a Ken does c.lk x3 vs another Ken and he tries to redparry, only the second c.lk will hit and the third will whiff… So damage of only one c.lk vs s.mp, super is a pretty good risk/reward ratio?


That’s what I said didn’t I?:stuck_out_tongue: