Option select practise

How do you go about practising option selects in training mode? Especially for the jump in option select, I have a hard time to see if it actually worked.I know you can fairly easily find out if it worked by using the dummy, but then I have to record/playback the whole time. Not really good for getting the motion in my head.

Also, if you could help me with training the other 3 “option select types” would be great too. I know the crouch LK+LP+MK (in my case) can be trained with my friend but this is I guess the easiest to train in this fashion.


What I do is record input the command (reversal or backdash) and then immediately stop the recording and play it back. This causes the dummy to spam the move. So you can throw/sweep them into an untechable knockdown, and they’ll perform that move as a reversal on wake up. It’s kinda hard to press the start button immediately after doing the move if you’re using a stick though, but sometimes this works in your favour because half of the time they won’t do a reversal so you can check if you’re doing the option select correctly.

So your basically asking what you can do against someone jumping towards you?

IF so, use anti air if it’s in front of you, block if it crosses over you. These option selects, it’s just another way of saying your able to do whatever the fuck you want at any given time.

^ Please refrain from posting advice until you understand more about the game. Even though you might mean well, you end up doing more harm than good by confusing newer players.

Here’s a basic tutorial about option selects:

So I, for instance put ken on record then start/shoryuken/start (to pause again).
Playback, unpause and have him whiff the shoryuken. Sweep on his way back.

Then do my option select setup (maybe dash back first, jumpin etc.).

I think I understand, let me know if I missed something and thank you none the less.

Yeah, that’s what you do, but with DP’s it’s even easier because you can just mash the motion for the full 10 seconds of recording time. Just mash it even while the DP is active, but use the shortcut motion df, d, df + p otherwise he might end up doing his super combo. Then to test the OS you can sweep or throw him when him whiffs the DP.

Remember though that in most cases only Ken’s MP DP is safe-jumpable in Arcade Edition, so if you’re going for a safe-jump option select then record that one. Otherwise if it’s an OS specifically designed to beat his 3f DPs then it’s fine to use the LP or DP versions.

So what would be a good reversal move to try it with? Something with littlte invulnerability and slow start up? Anything you can recommend?

I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole option select thing. I thought there was no option select possible if it was less then 4f right?

What I am trying to do is this, I know it is not a good OS or anything but I just want to get the concept in my mind so I figured I would try something simple:

  • Jumping and do a late HK (max 4fr. before hitting the ground correct?)
  • do a MK pinwheel with Juri while still airborne
  • do a light kick on landing.

edit: maybe that doesn’t work because mk pinwheel is a divekick while airborne

I don’t know what the invincibility frames are like on Juri’s pinwheel but remember that in order to beat another move your own moves invincibility must not run out before their’s. Her wheel kick also has a slow startup so there might not be many moves that it can beat. This sounds more like an anti-backdash Option Select. In that cases, just spam backdash with the dummy and play it back. Then sweep/throw them and practice the OS.

As I said it is probably not that functional since it only takes out the option of backdash but it was more as practise.
I chose it mostly because pinwheel is easy to negative edge and therefore maybe easier to do in those 4 frames you have untill hitting the ground. Or maybe I should plink it? I think I cant because it will be hard to press the LK again when hitting the ground. I could always try with LP though.

Yes, I guess backdashing would be easiest to program since it has no invinsibility right? Or does it have a really short 1-2fr. invis?

Backdashing has about 8f of invincibility (might vary, but this was the number that was generally accepted in Vanilla). You don’t need any special input techniques for the OS. Just do it immediately after you press the jumping attack, and then immediately do the block string. If the attack is blocked you’ll get enough time to do the lk blockstring. If the opponent backdashes it won’t matter.

okay, thank you. I will give it another shot tonight.