Option select question



Is there an option select for teleports. Cuz i have a friend that pkays akuma and it really fucking bothers me when im building momentem and he just teleports on wakeup.


I think a jab/short OS dash could do the trick.


Os ex spark works for Akuma but dat meter


Whoa Rose can os a dash? Is there a like to all her os’s?


well anyone can OS dash. You do a normal and if it whiffs Rose will dash or backdash, depending on what you press


Thats boss lol


After dash, you can even punish with U1 :slight_smile:


you can option select with anything


Learning option selects is the next level for me.


OS (namely jump-in,dash etc) is the next level for me too. I’ve struggled to get many working though, does anyone know of vids that demonstrate or teach the timing of standard option selects?