Option select reversal gigas

I don’t know if it’s already common knowledge, but I haven’t seen anything on this in the Hugo boards, and I’ve known it for sometime, so I’m posting.

Its kinda like Honda’s option select ochio in ST, except you can’t store a throw in 3S so timing it is a little harder, and it really only works for beating meaty attacks… most common - aegis.

How to do it - when knocked down, hold down all 3 punch buttons… and put the stick in either the forward or down forward position… depending on if you want to end with high or low blocking, respectively. As you’re waking up input the 720, ending on down back, or back, and release the punches piano style… If you timed the gigas right, you will get the reversal, and grab basically anything but an airborne move… If you’re off on the gigas, all you get is high or low blocking.

Is it game breaking at all? Hardly… Is it game changing it at all? Barely… But it is a good trick to use vs aegis midscreen setups and corner traps… as well as other meaty moves… as long the attack stays grounded.


I donno what you’re trying to say by that face? Is this really old info, or not explained well enough? Or are you saying it’s not useful?

What I’m saying is in a wake up situation like aegis corner trap or midscreen unblockable… or a meaty attack, you have to perform gigas on the exact frame that you wake up on… If you fudge that exact timing, you’re gonna eat some damage.

If you do it the way I’m saying, which is basically to perform the 720 so that your last directional input lands on down back, then release the punch buttons, rather than just wake up gigas, you have an option select… where if the wake up gigas fails, you just simply wake up and block low… since you’re only release the punches, and not pressing them.

its pretty easy to get reversal gigas, so its not really usefull at all, unlike in st were reversals are pretty hard.just drum all 3 punch buttons and you should get it everytime after some practice

I suppose you don’t really need it, but I just prefer to have a safe fall back, and figured I’d share it.

i see what you are saying i never really tried that that only time i would do something like that is with q or urien in there charge moves…idk i might have to give it a try

you could just overspin the stick to make sure you get it and, like Mike C said, drum roll the buttons. The timing for reversal on wake-up in 3s is pretty damn lenient. If you think your opponent might jump at the last moment, or you see them jump, just stop spinning the stick and don’t input any buttons.
The problem with your method in this situation is, unlike say, T.Hawk’s 360, if you get the motion right and release the buttons, Gigas is still going to activate cuz it has a whiff animation. So you’re really just overcomplicated yourself.

when i play on american cabinet, back when i used to play gigas, I’d spin the stick like mad on every single wakeup just to make my opponent think i was gonna gigas. Then I’d stop and do wake up parry forward.