Option Select & Safejump Collection

Hey there

there are tons of option select for specific matchups and tons of jumpins that are safe. but im pretty unsure about a lot of them. can I safe jump fei long for example? any help would be awesome

Yeah you can safe jump Safe jumps will work on any character but characters with 3 frame reversals,like Ryu,Ken,Akuma don’t allow for many safe jumps.You usually have to alter your jump in a way to stuff their DP or do an empty jump to bait a DP.To answer your question yes you can safe jump Fei Long(5 frames reversal),and also just to maybe clear up any confusion people may have you can also safe jump Seth,Guile,Sagat,Dudley,Yun,E.Honda,C.viper,and Vega.There are others as well.As you mentioned there are different OS for different matchups so I will share a few useful ones for safe jumps.

Against Bison:j.HK OS HK Tatsu. This will beat his Psycho Crushers exept for maybe EX but I’m not sure,It wii fly under Headstomp and catch him if he teleports back.

Against Guile and other characters with 4+ frame reversals and no teleport(yun,fei long,ect.):j.HK OS Block and Sweep.This OS will allow you to blok their wake-up reversal if they do one,Sweep them if they backdash,or continue hitting them if they block or are hit with the j.HK. It’s not as effective aginst Fei because of EX Chicken Wing though.

Against E.Honda:j.MK or HK OS MP Shoryuken.This OS beats ALL Headbutts.

Hope this helps

thanks, great inputs. didn tknow there is option select block + sweet at the same time?!

i found that against dictator lk version of tatsu is much better. if he teleports you can fuck the shit ouf of of. besides, if dictator has ultra, always use lp srk to follow up ultra.

Yeah no problem.Hmm I will have to try LK Tatsu

Option select block just mean having your stick in downback position when you do the Sweep Os.
Having the stick in blocking position is crucial on safe jump when Ryu does his safe jump hp or jump hk.

you can also do ground option select ultra after an untechable knockdown. a lot of players make dash back or use teleport. especially against akuma…

thanks man! I knew that one. just wasnt sure what os block means ^^so you actually delay your next hit or you hitconfirm. you either go for the frame trap, the block or the hitconfirm.

would lk tatsu catch Bisons teleport? or are you simply using the lk teleport to get close enough to punish the teleport recovery?

it’s perfect distance for st.hp srk. :slight_smile: if you time it correctly you can even beat psycho crusher. if he does ex stomp you land behind him and can perform cr.mk roundhouse tatsu.

not seen any ryu using this yet. but i think it’s the perfect setup. timing is a little strict to catch all his 3 wakeup options.

wow, just wow! I only ever used OS HK tatsu and OS lp dp vs Bison. I never attempted the LK tatsu cause I thought it wouldnt hit Bison and even if it got me closer, I thought Bison would have fully recovered from teleport! Guess I should have tested this in the lab! Thanks for this.

haha no problem man. tell me if it doesnt work for you. it’s about timing. >:(

yo ad1swiss, Im new to ops can you write out the inputs? If Im understanding it correctly it is as follows:
jump HK + lk tatsu op > crlp (or lk). right?

also, you said that you can op an “untechable knockdown” what does that mean? Many thanks mate.

When practicing opton-selects such as j.hp, (OS) SRK, cr.lp or the OS Tatsu is the timing different against different characters or is it universal? I’m about to begin drilling these down in training mode and whilst I know I’d have to test what OS’s beat what move I’m wondering if the input timing differs too. I thought with the jump-in OS the first attack had to be meaty but is this the same for all characters?

Thanks in advance


I believe the timing is the same for whatever OS you choose. I think there might be some chars which have different wakeup speeds (remember Adon in Super edition, lol, with his lightening quick wakeup), which are more difficult to safe jump as the no 1 setup (sweep into immediate jump attack) doesnt work. I think Blanka is one of these chars but not 100% certain.

I always use the same timing for all OS I do from safe jump. Ive realised there is some kind of very small timing window for every OS that may change
the result of your OS depending the character your figthing.

For example if you input OS Srk a tiny bit later or tiny bit sooner you wont trade vs certain reversal.

But this seem a lot academic too me, since its hard to adjust an OS timing in milliseconds and those
are exception more than the norm.

Agaisnt Blanka and Cammy and Sagat you have to delay your safe jump set up and try to be meaty

Does anybody use safe jump OS SPS to catch backdashes?

You can but against certain characters only.It doesn’t catch some backdashes sadly. :frowning:

I saw Daigo use the OS vs a sim, however the sim blocked rather than backdash so not sure if only the 2nd hit of the sps would hit the backdash.

I have used it on Abel before,but I usually go for sweep or HK Tatsu