Option select tomahawk

I’m rather new to the option selects. I know what they are but havent completely integrated them into my gameplay just yet. I just recently picked up hawk and was wondering if a tomahawk option select is a viable option for t. hawk against jumpers. I havent seen any forums discussing this so i’d like to know.

No there are none for jumpers. You can option select his Tomahawk off a safe splash (after a lp SPD) and it will work (EX version deals with even more stuff - check the last few pages of the lab thread), but you need to Tomahawk on reaction if someone jumps up or back. Consider that Ryu has no option select for people jumping away or up and his dragon is 3 frames with more invincibility, so Hawks with 5-8 frames is a no go.

The only way I know to option select Dragons is off safe jumps full stop (you need a window for the inputs). Furthermore, on the ground you can’t option select a DP off any of Hawks close light or medum normals as they are pretty much all special canceleable and off his HP or HK you will will be pushed too far away for it to be useful.

One thing you can look out for is using strings like c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp (or s.mp). If you your opponent is crouching and tries to jump you will see them continue to block, but stand in the middle of the string. If you see this then stop the string and react to the jump if that is what they do. Furthermore, with the block strings, if they are trying to jump just continue the string - once you get to far lp and far mp it hits if they are tring to jump and at the same time keeps them on the gound. To see what I mean pick Ryu as P1 in training and Hwak as P2. Record Hawk doing 4 hit combo of c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.lp. Replay and start crouching and block the first hit. Then hold up and you will see all the things I described above. It is basically a visual que for you to realise they are trying to get away. If they are standing already then I just go for the whole string as jumps will loose to the string eventually once I get to far lp or mp.

Added advantage is if you can get people realising they can’t jump they stop trying as much = more SPD’s. This is why I spend more time using block strings first than whiffing SPD everytime I get close and eat a resulting combo.

Good stuff, i’ll definetely try that out. Thanx a lot mate.

is possible to option selct DP in crouck lk but it has a ridicolus range and sometimes even whiff on small hitbox char like blanka, jury, ibuki, hakan.

Is funny to do against blanka ball if lk hit blanka eat even dp but is very casually…