Option Select Trouble: AE 2012


I’m having troubles doing option selects, and to be fair i’m quite confused by the jist of option selects, and when I should be using them. So, a couple of questions to people who frequently use option selects. When should I be using option slects in a match?

How can I train option selects?

To what extent can I use an option select: (I.e can I do cr.lk per say then a Ultra then a cr.lk to catch a backdash for instance.)

How can I use option selects in a way that won’t mess up my rythm? I always seem to be pressing too many buttons or something, then eat a reversal.

Also an optional one, if anyone has any option selects for Rufus please leave some below, I’m trying to learn Rufus, and I feel I may need some option selects

  1. Best way to train them is to select the character you want to pratice with as p2. Record the os and playback and try your options as p1 to see if it worked.

  2. Depends on the character. Some characters can do that setup you mentioned (cr.lk os ultra) because either their cr.lk isn’t special cancellable (meaning the ultra motion won’t make a special move come out) or their ultra motion isn’t the same as one of their specials. Characters that can do this for instance are fei long and yun. Rufus can do this with ultra 2, just do cr.lp or lk and the ultra motion, but not with u1 since tornado would come out (since both cr.lp and cr.lk are special cancellable).

I should mention there’s a more complex answer to what i said above. Technically, you can os anything in any move, as long as you finish the input past the cancellable frames of the normal and in the recovery, but that’s much harder to do and requires perfect timing.

  1. Don’t know what you mean. If you’re pressing too many buttons stop pressing them and play smarter.

Rufus isn’t really an os character. An easy and universal one is to do a meaty cr.lp os cr.hp (or cr.hk, cr.hp has more reach but cr.hk gives you a knockdown) to catch backdashes. The input would be:

:lp::hp: (or all 3 punches or kicks, doesn’t matter)




Thanks for both your inputs, wow I thought I had to sandwich the sweep between 2 light attacks, I was wrong.
One question though, say I did a divekick with rufus and I wanted to do a OS sweep but at the same time if they didn’t backdash and got hit/didn’t get hit how could I do a BnB St.Lk > St.Hp xx Galactic tornado ??? It’s safe on block too, but I can’t figure out what inputs to do or the right time to do them


Also, can it be the other way? Or does it have to be in that order, I normally do Lp, then Lp, Hp