OPTION SELECT with blanka



on this page there is a nice tutorial of how to option select and plink!
i knew what option select means but i never heard of plinking!

so how does the usage of OS and plinking influence blanka’s gameplay??
we could use “~” to symbolize a plink e.g. MK ~ LK (means hitting MK and one frame later LK)

maybe we can put a list of links together where OS and plinking can help:

press :db: :lk: + :lp: to

  1. block a block string
  2. punish a missed blockstring with :lk:
  3. throwtech

press cr.:mk: ~ cr.:lk: after s.:mp: so the 1 framer link s.MP into cr.MK becomes a 2 framer (does this even work? have to check this evening)

does this even work with U1 too??
there is a one frame link into U1 after pressing cr.MK

so does this work ???
:db: (charge) cr.:mk: :r: :l: :r: :lp: :mp: :hp: ~ :lk:
crazy input!!!


being a total noob to fighting games, it was a breath of fresh air finding out about tech-throws! i always used to get pounded by throw-happy players who’d juggle that throw somewhere between a blockstring.


this video has one of blanka’s option selects. might be helpful. it is from vanilla, don’t know if it’s still relevant in super.


Blanka doesn’t have many option selects. One that comes to mind is j.hk/hp~df.hp to beat backdashes but that’s very risky. Maybe you can also use st.lp~mp~hp~hp~df.hp to beat backdash attempts or electricity if they block (or get hit)?

I use the s.mp, cr.mk~cr.lk plink all the time. Apparently the plink into Ultra (3P~lk) also works but I never use it myself.


So what would the input screen look like for the jp.rh OS coward crouch?


I did 2 OS videos for blanka.


Here’s one that does more damage:
j.mk (f.3K) lp xx electricity

Misses Abel’s COD (goes the wrong direction), Bison’s HP teleport (recovers too quickly), and far teleports that go in the opposite direction. Works great against Vega’s back-flip.


In the videos you don’t show button inputs. What did you push to make the option selects work correctly?


I too would like to see some inputs here


wondering about this too. can someone post it?


I am curious about the button inputs for these. Does anyone know? Would definitely help chasing down dhalsim/seth who are horrible matchups IMO.


Im curious too. I dont see a theoretical way to perform that. Please, teach us.


j.mk, then during when the hitstop for j.mk would be, df.hp which will give you the option select slide(if the j.mk is blocked/connects the hitstop will eat the input basically so blanka will still be in air when you perform it), then do a normal jab elec motion.

Go put the dummy as Blanka and practice the option select slide, it really isn’t too complicated.

Also read illitirits post at the top of the thread, he basically gave you the inputs but you guys didn’t read!



there you go, seen that people wanted inputs so a thought ad make a quick video for you blanka players


Blanka Option Select

I thought I would show my own version of [media=youtube]S3ch9REPCqQ[/media] (inputs displayed) for back dashers and teleports. The link will take your straight to it which is hosted on youtube :looney: