Option select

Hello codians, i’m planning on taking up the codster and would appreciate it if u help me out with option selecting.How is it performed and wat are his.Thx in advance.

cody specific OS would be an appropriate question. but “what is a os” is answered often enough, to find it with merely google search.

so I’ll give only a short recap: option select is when you buffer a move in another move which only comes out under certain conditions.

a cody example: you knock down the opponent and close in. on wake up you do a s.lk and buffer IMMEDIATLY a mk ruffian while the s.lk is active. now it depends on the opponent reaction what happens:
-if he simply gets up and block, your s.lk will hit him (either block or hit).
-if he backdashes, your s.lk whill “whiff” and your mk ruffian will come out afterwards, catching him.

you can do that with any move, but preferable a NON-CANCABLE. because if you would do the same with c.lk, mk ruffian would comes out regardless if he dashes or not. and if he simply blocks, you would be punishable.

another good OS is jump in hard kick, releasing bingo. if they backdash on wakeup you get him with bingo, if not your j.hk will just hit him.

Hmm i see. Thx So is it possible 2 jump in hard kick option select grab or block?

He’s also got j.hk, mk Ruffian which pretty much works the same as j.hk, Bingo. I believe you can hit teleporters with OS mk Ruffian though.

Jesus are folks too lazy to read through the other posts these days?

BITCH PLZ,sorry guessed i missed. I get u but next add some info. Ur post aint that useful. @ Ariaria thx too

so what are all of codys really good option selects?

the only option selects I use with cody are:

move (buffer): purpose
j.rh (EX Bingo): Against Honda’s reversals on wakeup, and some back dashes
cl.lk (mk/EX RK): Against back dashes
j.rh (Crack Kick into U2 or EX RK): Against Akuma/EvilRyu Teleport
j.rh (lk/EX RK): safe jumping against back dash

An OS I like to use vs only sim

st. lk > lk. ruffian
The other ruffians are too fast to catch his teleport, but lk ruffian catches all of them. IIRC it catches his super slow backdash too.

What are some other good option selects per matchups for cody. Keepem comming guys because this is good stuff

my favorite is cr.mp>u2
I use it on teleport happy characters but it can get people with slow backdashes. How i set it up is, after a Criminal Upper combo or backwards throw, i do a crack kick then cr.mp
If the cr.mp whiffs you get u2.
If it hits on counter hit you can do st.lp cr.lk xx Criminal Upper/Ruffian etc. I can’t take credit for this though, my friend showed me

s.lk xx mk ruffian and j.hk, zonk are the ones i use the most.
on a side note, doin meaty c.lk, tick throw more often lately on wakeup. works quite well as mixup.

I 've found that one quite useful as well - out of curiousity is there a way to OS it so if if hits you can go into a combo/blocked tick throw - or is it a matter of practicing on reaction to either hit or block?

i use OS more on long range poke (unsure if you’d say there were OS but the concept is the same):

Long range cr.hp(mk.rk\hk.rk) - at range too long to get into counter hit combo I look to increase damange on whiffed pokes by opponents - I find this is best used when they spam poke or have obvious patterns.

EX.bad stone(mkrk\lk.rk) - NOT an option select but the reaction to a hit is easily possible. Once I’m out of the range of ‘counter pokes’ (above) I sometimes fish for this to get in\punish people who feel safe. I’m planning on using this more when you run into players who endlessly fish for focus attacks - lost so many games with ruffian kicks just falling short of Ryu’s lvl 2 focus causing me to eat combo’s into dp and/or ultra :frowning:


it’s impossible to do on reaction imo. you could do a c.lk xx mk ruffian OS, but that would still come out if it’s blocked. s.lk xx mk ruffian, tick throw would work tho, but doesn’t work as good as c.lk to catch the opponent off guard.

while poking i use c.hp xx buffer ex [sometimes lp] rocks / zonk aswell. the zonk one is really devastating vs focus friendly ppl. takes off around 30%+ health instantly.

That’s brilliant - I’m going to steal that :smiley:


Against akuma, you can do OS MK ruffian. Catches his backdash, and if he uses either of the teleports you can use U2 on reaction after the ruffian kick

Is it possible to do a safe jump and an option select?

yes it is, and it is something you should do. a mere j.hk safejump with zonk or any ruffian OS will beat any backdash while being safe against reversals.

Ok so I was trying the j.hk OS ruffian and the OS would always come out perfectly but whenever I did a reversal (with cammy) he would get hit, but on the other hand whenever I just do the safe jump it works fine. Do you have any clue why its happening like this?

you need to input the os a little before he lands. if you get hit you’re doin it too late. if it doesn’t come out, even tho your opponent backdashed, you’re doin it to early.

that you get hit is rather strange tho, you using the backthrow safejump setup right?