Option Select...


I’m Trying to learn Option Select…, and i don’t get what i’m suppose to do

like with sakura who im tryin to main she has a OS that hit out heavy punch if there a dive kick and then she would sweep if they backdash wake up. i go in to trainin mode and hold all the button down together or do i input them one after the other like a combo?

HOLD DOWN BACK then it say + C.LK+PPP but when i do that and use rufus to do dive kick all it does is block no heavy punch or sweep comes out.


You’re misunderstanding that Option Select (OS).

What that OS does is to block if it’s a tight string, tech if Rufus tries to throw, or cr.hp if he tries another divekick. You’re supposed to do it after Rufus lands from the dive kick. Sweep has nothing to do with it. Try recording:
Dive Kick, Dive Kick
Dive Kick, throw
Dive Kick, st.lk
against that OS.

The anti-backdash OS that uses sweep is probably, cr.lk xx cr.lp + cr.hk on the opponent’s wakeup. If they block or get hit, you can hit-confirm into a combo. If they backdash, a sweep comes out.


ohh so that why when i recorded sakura os it block most of the dive kicks and then sometimes the HP comes out ehh ok i thought it was something different… tryin to learn as much as i can to take in to tournys with me


Air (Ryu): Ryu’s Fundamentals Part 5

Air does a really good and brief writeup and the timing, of say, OS something sweep to punish backdash. Try it against rose or chun, char that are more likely to backdash on wakeup just to put yourself in a situation to practice it.


thanks i finally get the stuff he says the timing is just painfull it like u gotta do it two seconds before the punk or something connect woo oh well practice makes perfect… is there any matches that are up where they are doin option select in it just want to see some interesting set ups