Option select?

I hear the term “option select” In street fighter constantly, and yet I dont completely understand what it is, I mean I looked it up in a fighting game terminology thread, but it still seemed really complicated, so can someone explain to me what it is as simply put as possible?

Its basically the act of inputting multiple buttons/motions in a small window to cover multiple options.

The easiest example is the crouch tech option select. If your holding downback in training room, press jab and light (the buttons used for throwing) , you will notice that cr light comes out, now if you do that in font of your opponent, they will get hit with it but if they try to throw you… you tech the throw.

You just covered 2 potential options on your opponents advance with a single input.

This obviously gets more tricky with more advanced OSs. Just remember its you inputting a short series or combination of buttons/motions that will result in different outcomes depending on the action of the opponent, this is used to eliminate additional reads or otherwise unsafe gambles.

An os that I use often with dudley is f. Rh (overhead) U1. This covers 2 options and eliminates 2 of he 3 options most players have, looses clean to reversals.

I input the overhead and Immediately buffer the u1 motion and input, if they block or get hit by the overhead, there is enough hit and block stun on duds glorious overhead for me to hitconfirm or stop (when blocked). If they back dash, the overhead will miss entirely and the very next input the game registers is mu u1 motion and rolling thunder is executed, catching the back dash clean.

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Ok, so lemme piece this together, so Its basically doing multiple moves that will register as one thing if the opponent does a certain action. Like I think Daigo does this thing where he jumps in and does a jumping RH, then buffers a light shoryu? Everyone calls it the Daigo Option Select, so thats all I see when I watch him play :confused:


If they block in place they will take the RH. And daigo can see that and continue and sort of pressure on hit or block. If it wiffs due to a back dash fron the opponent, the dp is automatic

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Also the reason why an option select works is because of how hitpause works in this game. Whenever you hit an attack, the game slows down for a VERY short period of time;

at 0:06

Notice how whenever Cammy’s move “hits” both the characters seem to “freeze” and Ken jiggles back and forth. This is essentially how the Daigo OS works, if they get hit, they are put into temporary hitpause because of the j.HK, meaning the DP won’t come out. If the j.HK doesn’t hit, the hitpause doesn’t occur meaning that the move sort of “ends sooner”, allowing the DP to come out. So far the conversation is about what an option select does, but knowing how it works will also help you out.

I think the term your looking for is “hitpause”

It’s playing rock and scissors at the same time.

The Daigo OS works like this.

Ryu jumps in with :hk:, and at the same time it hits he puts in a :dp::lp:. He doesn’t care if the :hk: hits or not, he will do the same motion every time because of the magic of option selects.

If the player blocks the :hk:, then the :dp::lp: is put in too quickly, the Ryu player is still recovering from having the :hk: blocked, and so the :dp::lp: motion is ignored.

If the player avoids the :hk: (such as a backdash), the :hk: will whiff, meaning Ryu has much, much less time spent in “recovery”. Because of this, the :dp::lp: now has enough time to get out, and most times it will be fast enough to catch whatever the opponent is doing.

An Option Select is a motion (usually a normal+special move) or set of motions you do at the same time, and depending on how the opponent reacts to the move: blocking, getting hit, dashing, teleporting; the move will result in one of the other options being used.

Other examples would be OS Ultra (option selecting your Ultra).
You could poke out a little :d::mk: and then go RIGHT into an Ultra :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:.
If they block your Ultra will not come out, because you cannot cancel from a :d::mk: into an Ultra.
If they dodge/jump/teleport your :d::mk:, then your Ultra will be able to come out as soon as the :d::mk: recovers, which will be much faster now that your opponent didn’t block your attack.

A group of inputs that offer more than one situation. Depending on what your opponent does, it will choose the best option within those inputs. Keeping it simple~

so every character has an option select, like Balrog or no

Yes, every character has an option select, due to the nature of the game, but some are more specific.


You can google “Balrog Option Selects” and you’ll find a whole plethora of videos and posts. Not every option select is very flashy or useful however.

thanks Gordon, I will look into it.

The beard is strong with this one…

**I wonder if those annoying Option Select and bull-S 50/50 Cross-up would be removed in the upcoming patch…**Could this game will be overcrowded with other FG players?

Or could it be most of us will leave this game forever?

I wouldn’t count on it.

ok…take it if they managed to remove OS eventually… i just wndering, what will happen to this game?

You can’t really “remove” option selects without having a lot of other things (like kara-throws) also disappear. The reason Option Selects work is that one move will recover faster depending on landing a successful hit or not. An Option Select isn’t anything unfair or sneaky, it really is just saying: sweep, then do Ultra. If he blocks or takes the sweep, no Ultra. If he misses, well then your sweep recovered and now you have enough time to do an Ultra.

oh yes…kara throw should be removed too along with OS. try check out other ssfiv forum as well…u might find kara throw is sort of cheating due to glitch manipulation,

By that logic p-linking is also a glitch manipulated to gain an edge.
And by that logic simple button hierarchies are a glitch, because if you push two buttons ( :mp::hp: ) only the :hp: will come out.
If you do :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp: and you don’t have an Ultra, you get an EX, this is an (unintended) option select as well, by your logic this would be removed.

You’l pick up more of these little intensities the more you play fighting games.

I realize that one…but capcom has to do something bout this:


Have you seen movie Saw 3? Remember officer allison got kidnapped
unconsciously and wake-up in angel’s harness?
Its kinda execution trap where the victim couldn’t escape,
unlike the other trap in Saw franchise series.
Sorry if below cutscene looks kinda disturbing.


And that is how i feel when i’m stucked / knockdown with player that intend to pull above OS over and over again…
there’s nothing you can do.

Yeah, that’s kind of the point of them. Frame-perfect block or deal with the mixup that comes with getting knocked down. Welcome to fighting games 101. There isn’t anything they are doing that you cannot do back to them.

Let me know if you need any more help, I’m always more than happy to help some day-one newcomers!