option select???


Could someone please explain me what option select is.I keep hearing about it but I have no clue what it is.




thanks for the help:)


Too bad it doesn’t work like that. :wink:


A buh? What do you mean by “it”? Crouching jab and short doesn’t tech throws???


Scenario 3: You hit Jab+Short too early, registers as a jab, you get thrown.


Scenario 4: Chun Li kara throws you from a mile and a half away, you get thrown, never thinking you were even close to throw distance




This is the main reason option select is in no way an invincible technique. It’s a little optimistic to assume that you will either tech the throw or “be on the offensive with a crouching jab.” Any meaty attack that can’t be parried low will screw option select. Furthermore, it has to be timed pretty well if you plan on covering the option of parrying a low attack. Once again, if you miss time it, your jab will be just starting up while their low forward or whatever is in its hit frames.

You simply can’t rely heavily on this technique if your opponent is playing unpredictable hands on your wakeup.

Of course it’s not just for wakeups, but it still suffers because a crouching jab can be parried high or low and won’t outprioritize everything, especially against the given scenarios with chun li.