Option selecting command grabs



I did this tech video for multiple characters including the hulk. if you have any questions pleas post or pm me. Enjoy!!!


http://www.youtube.com/user/LevelGrinding/videos?view=0 and the proof that it works.


It’s less option select and more canceling st.H into a command throw.


no, it is a true option select. if the opponent is on the floor, they will get grabbed by L command grab. if the opponent is in the air they will get snatched by anti air command grab.


But you can’t option select both grabs at once, therefore you’ll leave yourself open to be punished.


You also have the threat of accidentally doing a Gamma Crush


you dont leave yourself open to attacks if you are grabbing them automatically. if you feel that insecure about optionselecting use an assist to lock one down then os whether they are going to jump or stay grounded.

if you rush the input , or do the input incorrectly then yes you will execute gamma crush.


The tech seems very useful but in high stake situations having super come out could cost you the match. I’ll still go into the lab and work on it though since CT is free damage.


How is this an option select at all? It just a kara throw, and if they jump and you use L then they will escape.


I don’t think the op knows the definition of an option select.