Option selects are driving me INSANE

I know what it is. Its using SSF4s priority system into letting the game choose the best option for you. I main cody so follow me through a bit of my ramblings will you?

  1. The air buffer. What I’m doing: Jumping RH, as cody is landing MK ruffian, c. jab. My understanding of the situation is that there are three possible outcomes.

A) If they block the j.RH, the Ruffian does not come out. the c.jab gets blocked allowing me to go into a block string.
B) If they don’t block the j.RH the ruffian still does not come out allowing the c.jab to combo so I can finish with his BnB.3
C) Now this is where it gets confusing. If they backdash and not get hit by the j.RH at all. Is the ruffian supposed to come out? What if they block the j.RH then Backdash is the ruffian supposed to come out then?

  1. The option select throw Since cody has a shit wakeup game this is something I figure I should learn. Is this something I spam when I’m being pressued on wake up or do I wait for a space in their blockstring to input the throw while I’m crouch blocking?

  2. OS Roundhouse. During a c.jab block string I can apparently input a c.roundhouse to punish backdashers. How the fudge do I do this? c.jab, c. jab[c.roundhouse] or c.jab[c.roundhouse]c.jab?

Since I started dealing with this shit because I want to step my game up its been giving me nothing but a headache.

Outcome C works just like B. If the j. rh whiffs, then ruffian comes out.
Just anticipate the throw and thats all. Some guys will tick throw after the first hit, some on the second and even the third. Just be sure to delay the input. Because some guys will throw out a special and catch your cr. short. That’s why some say it is better to learn to break throws normally, without the OS.
Just buffer the rh in the recovery frames. Practice some safe jump OS. It’ll help understand the timing alittle more.

A lil offtopic, but I’ve seen term ‘OS’ arround and i might’ve overlooked the list of abbreviations but what does it stand for? thnx in advance.

Did you even read the thread topic? OS = OPTION SELECT

oh duh, ofc. stand corrected