option selects?

I haven’t been incorporating any option selects into my abel game. which ones do you guys use and how/when do you use them. I’m pretty confused i understand the concept but it would be good if there was a thread breaking it down.

UltraDavid’s Zangief option select video is good.

this covers basically every kind of option select

Wouldn’t he want option selects specifically catered to playing as Abel against opponents?

prob meant to post this:

Also, this guy has a bunch of Abel OS’:

Not sure how useful some of those are though.

haha some of those OS are pretty funny but yea not very useful

IMO… people are getting carried away with option selects.

Pretty soon we’re gonna be option selecting each other’s option selects. It’ll look like one big laundry machine.

dont make me come over there and option select my foot up ur ass /Red

Hey i wanted to know if u can Cr.Tech with MK/MP after F+MK. I have been trying to do it on training mode and i can’t get it to work :S. Is there any specific reason for this? or am i doing somthing wrong?

Because you’re doing it wrong. That’s not the purpose of crouch teching.

Crouch teching is holding down-back and pressing lp+lk slightly after you would be thrown. It’s not mp+mk; that would be a focus attack. When you f+mk, you’re probably going in to be offensive. Why would you do something defensive like crouch teching?

No im not doing Cr.MP+MK lol

Im trying to do cr.tech with either cr.mp or cr mk. The reason i for this is to try and counter the cr.tech counter.

For example Cammy can stuff cr.tech with cannon spike reps. But if i cr.tech with MP or MK it has the potiential to cover both options. Beating the throw and also stuffing continous cannon spikes.

Also you may want to cr.tech if your playing a ryu for example who thinks your going to TT after the F+MK.

The start up frames for c.mp and c.mk are too long for them to be useful in a crouch tech.

Thank god you weren’t meaning mk+mp. I thought you saying mk/mp meant you’re doing a focus attack.

You still want to use lp+lk on a crouch tech, simply because they’re faster.

The only other option select crouch tech would be s.hp plink c.lp+c.lk after blocking Rufus’s dive kick if you think he will do another dive kick. But it loses to his c.lk.

omfg THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I forgot about st.hp stuffs dive kicks!!! lol as you can see im rusty at Rufus match up! Dam lol

Thanks guys :rock: