Option Selects


Hey guys,

I’m still a beginner at fighters and just learned about Option Selects. I main Ryu and I’ve been trying to do option selects with him but they just don’t work. I practice in training and the buffered move always comes out regardless if the person is blocking or if they get hit.

I’m just trying out the j.m, dp, with a l.p. I never just land with the lp but always go to the dp. I’ve tried watching the VesperArcade tutorials but it still doesn’t make sense to me. I jump buffer the DP then do the l.p but iunno what’s wrong.

Also are there any good tutorials for safe jumps too?



Why dont you try simpler option select like block + throw? See if you can do that consistently. You just jump, sweep, stand above opponent and grab or punch/sweep. If its a grab, the option select rejects it. If its a low attack, you block it. If high attack, youll c.LK it. Very basic option select.

Safe jumps usually require precise jump distances and must hit on the first frame. You may not be timing it properly. Also,w ith Ryu, OS safe jumps are different for variety of characters. Like with Sagat, you only have the os of j.HP and block. if he tries to AA with Hk, you beat it and can combo. If he tiger uppercuts, you will land and cancel the j.Hp into block because it will hit on first frame and recover before the tiger uppercut becomes active, allowing you to block, thus making it safe. He blocks, hes in blockstun, but im not positive on ryus options after that/how safe on block it is (dont main ryu).

Also, because of strict timing (if you are late, they can SRK or otherwise counter your “safe” jump), you cant usually time your hit to land on the first frame of their recovery, which can affect how safe it is/what options they have. Usually only good on unrecoverable knockdowns for starting out (throws, ultras), though can do them most anytime if you master the timing/situational awareness.

Heres a good video on Option Selects in general. [media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k[/media]

The video shows Ryu’s option select srk safe jump with the training mode button inputs shown at about the 3 min mark for reference, but covers the basics of all teh OS’s you can do.


You need to input the DP quicker (before Ryu lands). As soon as you do the j.mk (not too high in the air), input the DP + p, then follow up with cr.lp.

If you’re struggling with that one, try practicing with another move like a tatsu until you get the timing down. Do j.mk, and immediately do a tatsu. The tatsu should only come out if the j.mk whiffed.


Thanks! I’ve been practicing the j.mk to tatsu and it’s coming out right. It was just really poor execution for the srk os. It’s hard but I’m slowly starting to get them. Do a lot of people just use option selects for most situations? Will I have to know a lot of them to be succesful as a street fighter player?


It depends on your character and the matchup. Ryu uses them alot for some matchups, not so much for others.

Some characters don’t have many, if any, useful option selects (besides universal things like crouch teching).


There are only a handful of ones you need to remember. What’s more important is knowing when and how to apply them.


Where does one learn option select commands?
Are they all within the character sections for the game you are playing?


You’re doing the dragon punch too late.
Also you shouldn’t get a light punch even if that option select is successful.


Option-selects are a pretty difficult thing for beginners to learn and understand, but they are quite valuable at high-level play. Do a lot of people use option-selects for most situations? No. I’d say most situations are covered by solid fundamentals, good reactions, and observing tendencies of your opponent. Some top players opt to go for a lot of option-selects, and others rarely go for them.

And no, you don’t have to learn a lot of them to be successful as a SF player. As you progress as aplayer you might pick up a few option-selects here and there that you will find useful and eventually incorporate them into your game naturally. But it’s absolutely not essential at your level to go through a list of known option-selects and practice the shit out of them. Imo, it’s FAR more important that you understand the core elements of fighting games such as how to block, how to anti-air a variety of jump attacks, understanding how to utilize mix-ups and defend against them, understanding the value of spacing and zoning in a match, knowing solid strategies to handle a variety of matchups and player styles, etc etc.

So while option-selects are useful, they’re only useful in a handful of situations during a fight. Most of the time you won’t be in a position to simply abuse the game engine to win it out for you.


There’s a couple of option selects in SFIV that are pretty simple to pick up and use though, mostly the crouch tech and the c.lk, c.hk ones.


Some of them are. But IMO it’s more important to understand the concepts behind it and how OS works in general so that you can apply the knowledge in other ways and create your own OS. eg. Most people know that on an opponent’s wakeup doing cr.lk xx cr.lp + cr.hk with a character that can chain light attacks beats many backdash attempts. But you can apply the same concept in other situations.

eg. vs Blanka in the corner, you can do cr.lk xx cr.lp + cr.hp with several chars to beat his EX Rainbow roll escape.

If you combine priority, landing, and throw mechanics (and input leniency) you can come up with OS like this:
vs 3f reversal, you can (using a char that has a DP) do an empty jump from a safe jump setup that works on 4f reversals, land with DP motion ending in :db: cr.lk + cr.lp. If the opponent tries to grab, you will tech. If they mistime the grab, they will get DP’d. If they reversal you will block. Worst case scenario is if they block you get the DP, which is why you should only use it if you have meter to cancel. You could theoretically apply the same type of OS to SPDs ending in :db:, but I’ve never tested it.