option selects?


I know crouch tech, 1 against duds as chun, and a few of the char’s sggk.

what are some general option selects or ones you guys consider essential to know/use?


Hey Sessha, is this for Chun only? After a little searching, I dug up a general sggk thread: (The SGGK Thread). It has some sggk options for most of the cast.

As for Makoto, I think there’s one where you do parry, then neutral jump ex tsurugi (with half circle back motion). If the parry comes out, you get a karakusa, and then you can follow it up with whatever you want. This is nice because you don’t have to hit-confirm. x___x


this is for OS in general, can or cannot be character specific.


I want someone to check my work on this dudley OS. I already told kinetix but idk if he tested it yet. On chun wakeup do forward mk, dp+mk~mp. If she blocks forward mk mk chain comes out and if she does wakeup bird mk will wiff and jet upper will blast her off. Also useable with lk, mk chain and you can substitute dp for super or whatever. Pretty sure gunfight uses this in that MOV video but maybe he’s just gdlk


I’m not one for in-depth knowledge on option selects but if she did EX spinning bird wouldn’t you have enough time to just block if you have enough time to jet upper?


Ive heard the term guard jump before, is that an OS?


SesshaZL, seems like you mess with Gouki so check out that linked thread by cong and try out the cl.mk OS into super. Not bad to punish people who like to crouch tech too much.


ehhh. just checked out the vid… he definitely did not use this. he just got lucky on a hail mary. there are far better options than this imo. Straight up blocking or going into short short super/dart shot.

yes. guard for the frames where meatys will hit you but you cant be thrown. Once you can be thrown…jump. Its pretty hard to do but definitely helps you vs makoto.


ohh, I guess to train for this would be set it up in console? or are there any cues to look for?


not really an easy way to practice this. kinda have to just work on it in real play.


DED would fall under OS too I suppose.

Also I still don’t know what DED stands for. I always thought it was just MOV misspelling DEAD because I thought that was funny.


DED imo is the most useful option select. Way more useful than SGGK


Yeah I’m not vouching for it being awesome just making sure it’s there


It’s funny how many walk up fierces work when you have the right meter


I saw this in the SGGK thread. Could someone please explain in further detail. I’m unsure of how to make this work or is it even useful?

[option parry] s.close MK~LP+LK
buffer into super or slaps.


Like any other SGGK:
parry, mk x throw, super/slaps

Opponent :

  • throws : you tech
  • guards/parry : you (kara) throw him
  • attacks : parry (if you guess right) followed with mk that you can confirm to super/claps


Hate Option select.

I’m convinced that at least 80% of the time whenever a Taskmaster scores a throw, does not matter where…they were just spamming mighty swing and the system decided, “Ya know, we ARE a bit close after all…he probably wants to throw instead”.

Same goes for Hulks. They’re just trying to standing H your ass into the pavement, but happened to be a bit close and the CPU caused a throw to happen.

To make matters worse with option select, is you CANNOT win a throw war if they’re in your face and you’re both constantly breaking away. Because eventually the computer will decide to not throw and instead go for whatever move they normally do with “:f:H”, meanwhile your character is still trying to throw them, and you get smacked.

Though i don’t know how you’d patch this out. Am i correct in assuming that this is a natural consequence of characters that have moves/attacks that are done the same as a throw?

Edit: 3rd strike forum? lol. Oops saw this thread from the front page and just thought of Marvel. Eh its still on topic in a way.


Hey Ryan, what is the input for this? Is this the move where you crouch for a split second and you become throw invincible on a certain frame (7th?)? I remember I saw TM and Nuki do this to counter throws. Thanks!


yeah Ive seen tm do sjc command grab or something that avoids throws, and I saw one match where nuki evaded every throw and karakusa attempt boss makoto tried. one of those he just ducked and evaded the throw.


no hes talking about something different. guard jump is just taking advantage of the first couple of frames after waking up that you are invincible to throws. guard jump has no complicated input. its just block for a few frames, then jump, although a cheater way is SJ on wakeup if you expect a meaty low move.