Option selects



So far I’ve just been doing cr.mk to rekka.
Pretty standard.
Have you found any good ones?


OS sweep, cr.lk, cr.lp~cr.hk, cr.lk - Chun/Rose/characters in their league are too fast. Pretty standard.

OS DP is pretty worthless in my experience, no range and it goes straight up

OS U1 for backdashes: cr. lp, qcfx2 ppp (not sure if this notation is right, but if you know Fei OS U1 it’s the same deal) but it’s kinda slow. Haven’t tested a lot but Fei and Cammy recover in time, catches Guile, Ryu, Sagat if that says anything. A chart of backdash speeds would probably let you know quicker than testing everyone. Also kinda risky cuz st. lp whiffs on some crouchers.


Its been working for me to option select rose and chun by using love me tender. The heavy version catches them near the end of the back dash so I assume medium will catch them early.


I have two OSes that I’m using at the moment. Both are from 2lk 5lk 5mk xx [whatever].

2lk 5mk+lk 5mk: on hit/block, proceeds as normal. On backdash, they’ll get tagged with the 5mk and you can then follow up with other stuff.
2lk 214lk 5mk: on hit/block, proceeds as normal. On backdash, you’ll get her flip kick. Doesn’t necessarily punish, but it does put you back in their face at ±0 or better. Use this on anyone the above OS doesn’t work on.

You might have to switch to 2lk 5lp 5mk as your starter depending on the character. Some characters fall out of the above.

I do think she gets blown up in general by backdashes, despite these OSes. Characters like Chun get out of her wakeup pressure for free.


can we not use number pad notations please just because its easier to read cr lk or qcb atleast for me


Which normal are you use for this option select?


I whiff cr.lk or st.lk and then input lmt to catch be backdash. You can always sweep them.