Option Selects

I was just wondering what Kyo’s option selects were. Doesn’t matter what groove.

Well, preferably his best groove and his better selects.
I’d have imagined that maybe in P-Groove, f+HP might’ve been a good one, either getting a parry, the shoulder lunge, or a throw.
I think that’s how that’d work.
If it did and you land the shoulder could you rekka chain to ground pound, or must the other guy be juggled prior to for that to work?

Never tried, and dunno how to proceed getting the computer to co-operate immediately after a knockdown in training mode.

I read somewhere once that d.LK in P groove was a good one, either you get a parry, or a d.LK to whatever you want.

Maybe in K-groove you could b+HK and either get a JD, or a HK throw? Don’t know if you could hold db+LK, but maybe that’d be another?

I don’t get much competition onboard ships, much less anyone willing to co-operate in training mode.