option selects


to step my defensive game up I would like to know if anyone can list the option selects every character can use like the grab teching/blockstring option select and explain the button presses because I dont know if you input the button once and hold it or do you keep mashing lp+lk during a block string and the daigo option select


Option select buttonwise doesn’t deal with buffering (holding the button). Moresoe predicting or mashing whatever you’re option selecting. They’re all the same scenario really. Say for example throw teching.

opponent does a few cr.jabs then comes in for a throw. You can either:

  • Tech the throw
  • Stop the throw attempt with a LP or LK
  • You throw the opponent

Now the 2nd scneario can only really happen if they’re not close or you push either buttons before he throws. The 3rd scenario IMO rarely happens unless your opponent wasn’t going for a throw. But usually the first 2 options happen.

As for block strings:

Opponent knocks you down and is attempting a crossup with Ryu’s j.MK. Just for the sake of making it simple, i’ll say you’re Ryu. You can:

  • LP Shoryu > Ultra
  • LP Shoryu, trade hits, Ultra
  • LP Shoryu and completely whiff the attack
  • LP Shoryu but the opponent Ryu does a deep/meaty crossup which stuffs your reversal attempt

There are better scenarios than those 2 I gave but just giving a general rundown on it. No mashing needed. I’d say you’d do better learning option select a bit better on a SF3 game because of parries. But that’s me.


so basically I would want to match lp+lk with my opponents moves so i dont get caught mashing lk when the other persons blockstring is over


@Shin Oni - That shoryu example’s not an option select at all, I don’t understand what you were trying to explain. You just stated outcomes of a lp shoryu on wakeup if a ryu jumps at you, haha.

@OP - Most option selects are situational and character specific and it would be best if you look up each one in a specific characters forum. If you insist on doing it this way, then tell us who you main so we can explain further.


I main Akuma


Here’s a link to a 4 page discussion on Akuma’s option selects.


well i don’t think you would throw them unless you let go of down+back, which would defeat the purpose of the OS Throw, right?

as for the proper input, i had a hard time with this too. i used to mash on it, and against lesser opponents, i would end up hitting them with two or three cr.shorts followed with nothing and it would look totally like i panicked. against better opponents who knew what was up, they would pause after their hit-confirms and punish my whiffed cr.short. put yourself in your opponent’s shoes when you’re looking to OS Throw. after a few crouching light attacks, when you see them get up and walk towards you, that’s your sign to attempt the OS. it’s made even easier because you can input your command in a few frames after theirs and still tech, so after you get proficient, folks will have a hard time throwing you.

learn to combo after an OS so just in case you hit early, you can go right into a punish as opposed to just hitting them with some light attacks. this usually deters opponents from going into the standard ‘jump-in, two cr.jabs into throw’ routine.


don’t listen to shin he uses gimmicks.


yea somewhere in there I got so confused trying to explain that I probably was better off just using 3s setups as examples rather than that nonsense.