Options After SA III

I usually do the air chain combo, cause the crossup options usually whiff for me, whats the timing on the kicks that crossup once you hit the ground? And I could never tell if its a j.mk or j.lk. I also see some toe tap j.lk/j.mk links that seem to hit only moments before you hit the ground, like they reset realll late. But I can’t seem to get these. Any tips?

do you mean saII? or are you actually talking about saIII?

its j.lk to reset mid-air for saII

oops, yea, I meant SA II

sjc d.mk lk only hits some? even d.mk d.mk only hits some? i think i tried necro or maybe oro and it didnt?

d.mk > lk can/should hit all characters i think… its just a matter of when you try to execute the lk for the reset. I don’t think ur able to hit some characters close to the ground.

I think d.mk d.mk works on all.

Correct me if I’m wrong plz.

hmm thanks esk, but damn im pretty sure d.mk / lk doesnt hit all , maybe i do it too early after the d.mk, ive been settleing for sjc lk all this time as a work around

but one that does hit, followed up my a ground cross up before then land and c.mk/b.hp xx SA2 all over !

p.s: does UOH cancel/link into sa2?

UOH by itself wont connect, but you can connect a UOH > s.hk (close) > SAII

s.hk isnt any faster than the SA2, SA2 WILL connect after u followe up from the first SA2. thats what a 50/50 is. u gotta time it so that ur UOH animation has almost ended when they land, and also if they are crouching, if both of those arent correct, then you will miss your super. so yeah you gotta watch for 2 things.

what about just uoh xx sa2 no following up from old super or anything just plain old uoh, does it or does it not connect/link to sa2?

yeah you can on certain character. i believe not alex/hugo or anyone thats too big. try to c.lk…walk back some, UOH (make sure ur about to land when you hit with it, if not the super wont link) then SA2 on a crouching opponent. i recommend shotos, if not, try the twins.

speaking of things to SA2, I saw in the chun tutorial on youtube a crossup, looked like sjc.mk or lk but when you land you land behind your opponent, which kick is it, and how to you execute the timing? I’ve just been dashing before they land as a work around.

after saII, when you go for the air combo, if you j.lk at the peak of the jump, you’ll land before your opponent. If you dash, you should end up on the other side, but if you walk, you should stay on your side. I think thats what you’re talking about?

If you UOH hits late in its animation, you can link SA2, on anyone.

Stomps do not hit everyone from an SJC SA2, from my experience… Twins for example.

And @ above post, I think you should be able to walk under your oppnent after an sjc lk.

d+mk x2 then fierce x2 for meter building!

I always double toestomp if possible. Corner + knockdown = win

That’s not true.

UOH-> SA2 is entirely possible.

Hits crouching characters late in its animation.

(if you’re feeling fancy after SA2, hit the airborne opponent with an early lp, you’ll fall and land before them, keep walking to cross up. Then you can either throw, or cr.mk->SA2 again)

I didnt know that. cool.

I personally like SAII into:

  1. Jump Cancel
  2. LP
  3. Dash (to other side)
  4. Close HK

5a) Kara Throw [if they block] or [if it hits and you have no more meter]
5b) Another SAII [if it hits]
5c) Jump Cancel Away [if they parry]

Because you can cancel the late close RH so late in its animation, you get enough time to react.

Mix up with no dash close HK

I Thought there was also possibility of sjc d.mk then lk and u land before opponent [shown in the youtube tutorial video] doesnt work for me with many characters though.

UOH - SA2 has not worked for me, they block…

You just have to hit them late with it. If it hits too early they’ll be able to block by the time you land and super.