Options after SAII?

I know about the basic double FP, but what about the down mk plus mixups and others?

Think I read this in billy kanes chun FAQ. You can do a mk after the SAII, land, and then to a toward/down RK to another super. Can work as a mixup if people dont expect it, most good players wont fall for it though.

If I’m not wrong you can D+MK (step into the oponent’s head - sorry if I’m wrong , long time I last played chun) and then do a MK after … (I’m not sure if you can connect the RHK instead of the MK …)

Do c.mkxSA2 into the super, jump cancel as usual but start the HP+HP target early so that only one HP hits, when you land do an overhead into a super.

I got pwned by a chun that did this: c.mk SA2, Sj cancel, j.lk, walk under, c.mk SA2, follow-up.


If you have 2 full bars, and are able to connect one in the corner, try SJ straight up after the final kick, do a jumping HK, which resets them+gets you back on the ground quickly. As soon as you land, you are PERFECTLY spaced for a UOH>SA2, so UOH upon landing. After you’ve done this once on an opponent, keep doing it until they stop blocking low, whereupon you c. mk that shit^_^. The timing is pretty easy, so once you’ve got it down, it should scare the shit outta people.

One that I usally do is, c.mk, super art II, SJ cancel d.mk, lk, dash under them c.mk, super art II :badboy:

Ok, now THAT sounds like a bitch, and something I need to give a shot at.

I find that, after you land the 2xHP, the oponent will be expecting something and try and retaliate, sometimes with their own super. Sometimes, if I just land in a block, I get a wide open shot for a 2nd super or something.

That one rules, happens so fast they dont know what to do :badboy: