Options after Triple Fierce Combo?



I was wondering what were the options after the triple-fierce combo…if i recall isn’t there a way that you can follow it up with hits, after or before the c.hk slide?

For people who are confused, Triple Fierce combo:

c.hp /\ sj.hp addf hp hk :land: c.hk


triple fierce combos do hella damage pound for pound. First things first, I usually do them when I have an assist that can allow me to follow up. Like for instance, Storm. If you do c.lk + Strom, c.hp, sj.hp/hk, dash df hp, hk, land. Storm disables flying screen, and you can follow up on the 3fierce. Launch, HGxxTempest, dash up to em and infinite, whatever. And the sweet thing is, at most you’ve only done 7 hits, so you still have a ways to go before damage scaling really screws your attacks. If you do tempest though, it’ll still do 40-50 points of damage b/c of the amount of hits. Other than that, I believe you can do some resets by doing jump, dash over+call assist. I havent really fiddled with it yet. Alos you know you can extend the triple fierce combo in the corner? I dont know exactly how to do it, but you end it in a throw, which opens up more possibilities…ask around homi3.


end the combo with a crouching lp, which bounces them, and then you can throw them almost immediately. s’fun.


Try this one

c.hp /\ sj.hp addf hp hk :land: c.lp jump lp,lk, hp,hk
If done correctly you should land 8 or 9 hits, after the last Fierce Kick you can get away with a throw. But most likely by this time their character has bounced and will probably be calling out an assist.


or u can do a slide after the c.lp and hit the unblockable… ooo :slight_smile: + from that u can juggle and rom and whatnot… blah blah blah…


Um… Launch, sj FP airdash down FP do shitty damage :bluu: . I don’t know why you’d think it does a lot of damage, but to me it doesn’t.


throw two more fierces into that, and it does about 30 - 40% life


some people rather do the fp’s alone because u get more wake up options than if u end with a c.rh…less recovery time with the fp’s so u can cross em up faster and land another combo


ur garbage tho; nobody expects u to understand why people do it


Ohhh… I just feel like to state my opinion. Then all of a sudden, some queer just had to start shit :bluu: . Yes, i use MSP a lot. I do use it, everytime i land a hit with mag. But, the two Fp’s are too weak. Mag with Sent+RP is wayyy better. But MSP can beat team row easier, then it can to MSP.
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usually psylocke + 1/2 short + fp (launch) + 2 fp is around 60 damage, maybe 70… that means reset once and almost any character will have about 1/10th their life left. Granted, 1/10th is enough to do a lot of damage (maybe it’s more like 1/8th) but too weak? Maybe if you have trouble getting hits consistently :wink: (like me)

Not that there isn’t a time and place for the 5 fierce combo, because there certainly is. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with using that other combo instead of two FP. Calling two FPs too weak though, is pretty… weak.


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i ain’t tryin to bash u totally, but u should try using just two then doing resets, then try using four then doing resets. when u use juss two then reset, your success rate sky rockets against good players.

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as for the fierce combo… it’s used not only to deliver damage, but as well to setup for a reset. not knowing that proves that you can’t play the game


ok, so wat r some options u got after d.hp /\ hp, airdash df, hp, land

besides jump back, call psylocke, dash forward or sj airdash d, lk, land, lk, lk psylocke (and other variations of that)?


call storm sj ad forward fp fk aircombo
sj ad d lk(whiff) c.lk c.lk…
calls sent-a sj ad down forward lp sents hits blah blah
sp ad downforward rh whiffs and u get on other side then trijump or go low call cal psy ad forward to original side…dumb shit…


considered good…?