Options for a good PS2 stick?

Could anyone direct me to my most plausible options for getting my hands on a good PS2 stick at a reasonable price?

I understand I could get a board to mod a more recent stick but I’d prefer to have a PS2 dedicated stick.
I’m mostly looking for something that’s easy to swap parts out on and such.

Look for Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 on Ebay/Craigslist/trading section here etc


Considering you can get a PS1 digtal pads for $5 at your local thrift store it’s probably your cheapest option to just padhack it and a PS1 digital pad is SUPER easy to padhack.

def a hrap 1 or 2. Easy to swap parts out. Look on the FS thread, might find a dual modded stick for ps2/???

From the USA style contingent:

SF 15th Anniversary Stick
Non-Optical MAS Stick

Should be able to get either in the $50~$75ish range if you keep your eyes peeled.

If nothing else, you could add a MC Cthulhu to a existing joystick

There’s also the zero delay pcb with ps2 connection

if you really want a dedicated ps2 stick without modding hold out of a good priced hrap2sa

if you dont mind some mod work, a cheaper hori tekken 5 stick will hold you up pretty well.

Exactly this. Tekken 5 stick can b had for a decent price n then mod it to ur tastes n ull be str8. V2SAs r really nice as long as u can find it for a decent deal

Tekken 5 HRAP’s will need desoldering (or some destructive persuasion) to swap the buttons out since the stock ones are soldered directly onto another board in the stick:

The stock buttons are not the best ether.

The easiest and cheapest option would be to take some stick body you are comfortable with and swap in a zero-delay encoder pcb with a ps2 connection. It already comes with the quick disconnects you need so you don’t even have to solder. padhacking is an option too but keep in mind that some ps2 fighting games are not compatible with older ps1 controllers.